Changing what workstations are

Office settings, shrouded in harsh lights, are generally associated with glum Monday mornings, tense phone conversations, cramped cubicles, and uncomfortable office chairs. The Featherlite Experience Centre provides a window into the cozy, future world of workstations in an effort to reframe this perception.


Upon entering the well-lit 10,000-square-foot center located in the center of Radial Road, one is greeted with a variety of luxurious seats, workstations that may be customized, and polished tables. This room, which opened on Friday, features the newest styles and trends in the furniture industry. Our workstations have changed quickly in the post-Covid era as work has become more hurried and connected to the bustle. Featherlite has quickly followed the trends and offers workstations that are both pleasant and effective.

Featherlite combines innovation and experimentation with features like a treadmill that doubles as a workstation, a soundproof glass room, a 3D-printed chair, and a “recharge room” that resembles an upper-class airline cabin. Consumers may browse vibrant textiles, consider their options for wood, and feel each comfortable piece of furniture. Additionally, the center offers parts that may be adjusted in height to combat posture issues and improve sedentary lives.

Featherlite is a contemporary furniture maker that provides a sustainable selection of alternatives that suit well in workplaces, classrooms, and home workstations. The space is sectioned off and furnished with a variety of workstation designs, cafeteria seats, paint can chairs, and office chairs. The team notes that its furniture is modular and simple to reassemble.

Our whole product line is sustainable, and our roof is equipped with a two megawatt power system. “Our goal is to provide well-crafted value products with an emphasis on Made in India,” said Featherlite director Manohar Gopal. He continues by saying that the focus is on design and aesthetics, and all goods are of an international caliber.

“Our experience center serves as a testament to our dedication to innovation and design excellence, offering a plethora of furniture solutions tailored to inspire architects, interior designers, and facilities managers alike,” the man said in a news statement that was shared with CE.

Featherlite has been in the furniture industry since 1965 and is about to grow in Chennai. The company wants to gradually transition from being a carbon-negative to a carbon-neutral brand while introducing consumers to cutting-edge furnishings. Their goods are designed with sustainability in mind; many are made of recycled plastic and have a lifespan of more than ten years.

“We produce a chair every 15 seconds and we fit out about half a million sq every month,” the manager said. Their goods are designed with sustainability in mind; many are made of recycled plastic and have a lifespan of more than ten years.

A group from the Indian Institute of Architects will provide their perspectives on the state of architecture and design in the modern day as part of the event.

Check out the Experience Center at Featherlite – The Address in Pallavaram.

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