Cool Summertime Drinks for Your Upcoming Weekend Brunch

Your friends have come at your residence for a casual get-together, such as a weekend brunch, under a brightly shining sun and plenty of laughter. The secret to making these occasions special for your guests is to provide the ideal drinks.

Raise your glass, toast to the season’s blessings, and savor these deliciously cool summer drinks.

This very unique drink is rich, fruity, and tart, with a seductive edge that evokes wild curiosity. The tangy, fruity, and rich flavors represent the team’s astute strategies and long history.


• Hendrick’s Flora Adora, 60 ml

• 25 milliliters of lemon juice

• 20ml of raspberry syrup

• One white egg


Combine all components in a shaker for cocktails.

Using ice, give it a good shake, then filter it finely into a cocktail glass.

In an untamed garden, the most captivating marvels flourish! A far cry from the ordinary, the Hendrick’s Flora Adora Wildgarden Cup exudes a delicate, fresh floral fruitiness. An exquisitely crafted gin drink.


• 60 milliliters of Hendrick’s Flora Adora

• 25 milliliters of lemon juice

• 25 milliliters of sugar syrup

• Add soda water on top.


• Pour ice cubes into the glass.

• Fill the glass with raspberry and mint. Then, carefully stir in the gin, lemon, and simple syrup.

• Add soda on top, stir gently once more, then add a cucumber as a garnish.

Flaura Adora and Tonic Substances:

• Hendrick’s Flora Adora, 60 ml

• 150 milliliters of tonic water

• Three cucumber rounds, thinly sliced


• Pour all the ingredients into a highball glass with ice cubes inside.

• Stir just a little bit.

• Add three thinly sliced cucumber rounds as a garnish, then serve.

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