Create a winged liner look in a different style like this during eye makeup

Create a winged liner look in a different style like this during eye makeup

During makeup, a lot of attention is paid to eye makeup. If the eye makeup is good, then your whole look is perfect. Winged eyeliner is very much in trend during eye makeup these days. From common girls to Bollywood celebrities, apply winged style eyeliner on the eyes to get a new look. However, you don't need to apply winged liner, in the same way, every time. If you want, you can get a different look every day by applying winged eyeliner to your eyes in many ways. So let us tell you today how to apply winged liner in different styles-

inverse cat eye look

Usually, while applying winged eyeliner, the liner is applied on the upper lash line. But if you want a unique look, then instead of an upper lash line, create a winged liner look on the lower lash liner. It looks pretty good. For this, you have to apply kajal or liner just below the lower lash line and make it a little longer to give a winged look.

double eyeliner look

This look is quite innovative and you can adopt many styles to create this look. Like you first apply winged style liner on the upper lash line with the help of black eyeliner. After this, apply a colorful liner matching your outfit just above the black liner. It gives a glamorous look to your eyes.

floating look

This style in the winged eyeliner look is being liked globally for a long time. For this, you do not need to apply liner all over the upper lashes. Simply apply the liner on the outer corner in a winged style. After this make a V design to give it a floating look.

smudge look

Usually, a sharp winged liner look is given while applying winged liner. But you don't have to do this every time. Just as the liner is mostly smudged while creating smokey eyes. Similarly, if you are applying only liner and want to give a different look in winged style, then apply winged liner first with the help of kajal. After this, smudge it a little with the help of a brush.

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