Date, meaning, history, and customs of Attukal Pongal 2024

Attukal Pongal 2024: The annual celebration has arrived. Attukal Pongal is celebrated with great fanfare and extravagance across the nation each year. Attukal Pongal is a ten-day celebration that is mostly held in the state of Kerala during the Malayalam month of Kumbham. It is mostly observed by the family’s female members. The goddess is prayed to and sweets are offered by female worshipers. One of Kerala’s major holidays, Attukal Pongal, is anticipated all year long. Here’s all you need to know about the particular holiday as we prepare to commemorate it.

Date: February 25 is the day that Attukal Pongal falls on this year. Drik Panchang states that the Pooram Nakshathram will take place on February 24 from 10:20 PM to 1:24 AM on February 26.

History: The festival of Attukal Pongal honors Attukal Devi, also known as Attukalamma. Millions of devotees assemble at the temple to present sweets and other tributes to the goddess during one of the biggest women-only celebrations in the nation.

Rituals and significance: Women devotees prepare kheer for the goddess and take a bath to start the day on Attukal Pongal. Pongal signifies boiling over, which is why kheer is made in an earthen pot and offered to the god. Attukal Pongal customs dictate that only women are permitted to execute the rites. During Attukal Pongal, millions of women devotees swarm Thiruvananthapuram’s streets. The city is ablaze with energy and excitement. One of the biggest ceremonies, known as Attukal Pongal Mahotsavam, takes place on the ninth day of the ten-day festival. The event begins in the Malayalam month of Kumbham and concludes at night with the Kuruthitharpanam sacrifice offering.

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