Deal-Breakers in Dating: Singles Share Their Most Common Non-Negotiables

Deal-Breakers in Dating: Singles Share Their Most Common Non-Negotiables

The most popular dating app in India, QuackQuack, analyzed 12,000 of its 25–35-year-old users from tier 1 and tier 2 cities. The users of the dating and friendship app were surveyed on what led them to like one person's profile but pass on another. A staggering 59% of these men and women said that the traits shown by the people they prefer to ignore are ones that are deal-breakers for them. The app prompted these young daters to clarify in order to better grasp these defining deal-breakers or non-negotiables. According to the report, over 24% of daters over 30 will reject a person based on their occupation and level of education. The survey's findings also indicate that excluding these fundamentals from your dating profile will result in more rejections.

According to creator and CEO Ravi Mittal, "We identified age and different moral beliefs to be the most often reported non-negotiables for daters from the roughly 24 million talks shared last month. The majority of daters are looking for sincere profiles to pursue a relationship with; we have introduced a new tool that provides our users with up-to-date information about the suspended accounts. This innovation in the market demonstrates how the app responds quickly to questionable profiles."

Similar moral principles ARE crucial.

Contradictory moral principles and modes of thinking, according to 34% of daters from tier 1 and tier 2 cities, are a deal-breaker. These daters responded that these very differences in thinking may later in the relationship become the main source of problems and lead to breakups when the dating app asked them why. Furthermore, they said that it is not enjoyable to date someone who does not respect or appreciate your values.


More than 37% of daters on the app said excessive envy was a deal-breaker. These daters, who were largely working adults between the ages of 25 and 30, acknowledged that excessive jealousy that borders on obsession may be a sign of more severe problems at hand. It may cause problems with trust and a need for control on your partner's behalf.


For women, age is sometimes a deal-breaker. About 26% of women between the ages of 26 and 29 admitted to having slept with males who were five years or older than they were. In contrast, the poll reveals that women over 30 are more likely to be liked by males despite being five to six years older than they are. For some women, a man's age might be a deal-breaker, but it depends on their own age.


Another non-negotiable among daters from Tier 1 cities was location. In the major cities of Bangalore and Delhi, 22% of males acknowledged they did not date women from other places. It's because 13% of these users don't want to commit to a long-distance relationship, they say. For the remaining 9%, this is mostly attributable to the lifestyle differences between city inhabitants and suburbanites.


According to the app's study, 29% of both men and women claimed infidelity was a deal-breaker for them. Some of them said they even reject those who had cheated on their past partners after weighing the likelihood of them doing the same again. They said that trust is one of the fundamental building blocks of every relationship and that, even though it may sound unjust, they are unable to envision being in a sincere commitment with someone who has betrayed someone's trust in the past.


According to the poll findings, 21% of respondents from tier 1 and tier 2 cities consider addiction to be non-negotiable while seeking for a partner. They see it as a "disgusting and harmful feature." "In a person, and the daters seeking an exclusive and committed relationship don't want to entrust their hearts to someone who indulges in drugs or alcohol.


Of course, real relationships on dating apps are a great turn-on, according to 39% of app users who have used the service. According to a recent survey, the majority of app users prefer exclusive, committed partnerships than casual dating.