Designer Harvinder Kaur (Khadi, India) Reflects on Her Experience at London Fashion Week

Indian fashion gained international attention because of MEDUSA’s imaginative leadership. MEDUSA has increased its recognition by taking part in London Fashion Week, in association with Fashion Week and the City. For both the runway show and the exhibition, MEDUSA made its second appearance at this important event. Sonal, the CEO, led a group of nine renowned Indian designers.

Over 25 million lifestyle exhibits have been created by Delhi-based Sonal Vig under the MEDUSA brand. She has also entered the worldwide market via MEDUSA EXIM, which promotes ethical commerce and links foreign customers with regional vendors. Alongside these nine outstanding designers, MEDUSA’s participation at LFW 2024 was devoted to the primary goal of achieving international recognition for Indian workmanship. Taken from an interview with Khadi India’s Harvinder Kaur.

1. How did you incorporate the MEDUSA concept and idea into your London Fashion Week show collection, and how did it align with your design philosophy?

MEDUSA has always been at the forefront of providing designers with the full creative freedom they need to flourish. Sonal Vig, the voice of MEDUSA, has inspired me personally since she has spread awareness of Indian artists and designs around the globe. I therefore knew that, in terms of LFW 2024, I was in good hands with MEDUSA.

2. LFW is a worldwide event. How do you believe this publicity will help your brand and the global representation of Indian fashion?

Answer: London Fashion Week (LFW) is a global event that draws in designers and fashionistas from around the globe. Thus, the rivalry is very fierce and carries a unique degree of strain! However, I also think that the difficulties that come with such a chance serve as the impetus needed to establish a brand all over the globe. I am appreciative of this publicity since it will draw attention to our arrival and help my business as well as the Indian fashion sector as a whole.

3. How did your designs for London Fashion Week connect to your Indian heritage? Did you want to draw attention to any specific components or cultural quirks?

Aside from the fact that I used Khadi fabric for my designs, my whole collection has been an ode to both my own history and the larger Indian heritage, as seen by the earthy, solid hues and self-assured forms. I wanted my collection to capture the energy of Indian life, especially considering how important colors are to Indians’ everyday attire.

4. Pushing the boundaries is a hallmark of London Fashion Week. How did you innovate and experiment with your collection, keeping in mind the needs of a worldwide audience?

The underlying philosophy of this handspun fabric, “Atmanirbharta,” or self-reliance, was honored in the first place by the Khadi ensembles shown at London Fashion Week. My goal was to capture the ingenuity of Indian handlooms as well as the tenacity of the regional Indian weavers and craftsmen. The aim of the 2024 London Fashion Week showcase was to demonstrate that sustainable design can be stylish as well!

5. How will this experience affect your next designs and the direction of your brand in the international fashion industry?

Answer:My encounter with the LFW ’24 has been quite positive. Additionally, this experience will undoubtedly influence my future design choices since, as I saw throughout this worldwide event, there is a common belief that more durable clothing has to be produced. Stated differently, the fashion of the future lies in sustainability. Therefore, we will continue to emphasize sustainability in our clothing design and theme selection. I have no doubt that sustainable clothes will find an audience.

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