Do not consider 'cellulite skin' hanging, obesity, women should get rid of this

Do not consider 'cellulite skin' hanging, obesity, women should get rid of this

Cellulite means extra fat, this problem occurs inside the skin, in which lumps are formed on the abdomen, arms, thigh, throat and hips. This problem is seen more in women than men. However, women do not know much about it because they consider the hanging skin to be obesity, when it does not happen. Let us tell you what is cellulite and how to get rid of it.

What is cellulite?
This is a type of skin condition in which the fibers that hold the skin to the fat are pulled or torn. Because of this, the fat forming cells inside the skin start growing and pits on the skin. This causes the skin to hang, mild swelling and orange in color. About 80 percent of women have cellulite problems.

The cause of cellulite
The biggest cause of cellulite can be diet, lifestyle changes, overweight, mental stress and hormone growth. This problem can also be caused by lack of fiber, substances and worsening of blood flow. There may be some reasons.

Nothing to do with weight
Often women think that the problem of cellulite skin is only for the fat women whereas this is not the case. Cellulite does not necessarily accumulate in the body of overweight women, women with average weight may also have this problem.

The problem increases with age
There are many problems in women with increasing age, of which cellulite is also one. Actually, the level of estrogen hormones in the body decreases with aging. Due to low estrogen, blood circulation is not correct and new tissues are also not formed. In addition to this, old tissues also stop forming, due to which lumps are formed inside the skin.

Jeans have the biggest hand
Cellulite skin problem is also genetic. In such a situation, if your mother or someone else has this problem, then you too can fall prey to it. Also, if your digestion system is poor or you have difficulty in digesting food, then you can be a victim of it.

Cellulite Reduction Tips
Coffee Scrub
Coffee is a very good anti-cellulite, which helps in correcting blood circulation and also removes dead skin. For this, mix coffee powder and coconut oil and scrub on the affected skin for 20 minutes. Then clean it with lukewarm water. Do this at least 2-3 times a week.

Olive oil
Massage the affected area with olive oil for 10-15 minutes and then clean it with fresh water after 5 minutes. This will increase blood circulation in the skin and remove cellulite skin problems.

Apple vinegar
Apple vinegar helps to reduce cellulite skin by removing toxins trapped in the skin. Also, it reduces swelling. For this, apply equal amount of water and apple vinegar. Apart from this, drinking honey mixed with it also reduces cellulite.

Body dry brushing
Brush gently on the cellulite skin for 5-10 minutes. This not only removes dirt and dead cells accumulated on the body, but it also reduces fat. You will feel the difference by using it regularly.

Take special care of these things
- Avoid sweet and avoid eating too much salt.
- Drink more quantity of water. This removes toxic toxins from the body. 
- Include fruits and vegetables in the diet. 
Do it often because toxic substances will come out of the way of sweat.
Massage skin with ties.
Cellulite comes from skin trans fat. In such a situation, you should take a diet without trans fat.