Do not make these 5 big mistakes while eating these light snacks, weight will increase rapidly

Do not make these 5 big mistakes while eating these light snacks, weight will increase rapidly

Between breakfast, lunch, and dinner, people often eat some snacks when they feel slightly hungry. Some people also have a habit that their stomachs being full, yet if someone asks to eat something, they get ready quickly. The things you eat as light snacks are actually the biggest reason for your weight gain. In everyday life, most people eat homemade food, but in snacks, they prefer to eat readymade or packaged food from the market. Packaged or fried snacks available in the market like chips, cold drinks, namkeen, samosas, pakoras, noodles, burgers, tikkis, gol gappas, and french fries, momos, mixtures, etc. But often due to the wrong habits of these snacks, your weight cannot be controlled. Let us tell you which mistakes you should not make while eating snacks and what things you can eat as healthy snacks.

Do not eat too many snacks Snacks mean light and little food which can be used to quench mild hunger. But often people eat so many heavy things in the evening snacks that they either have to skip dinner or have to eat late. This habit is bad because most of the snacks available on the market are full of carbohydrates and calories and they do not contain nutrients at all, due to which they only work to increase your weight.

Do not consume market-made snacks, you should always eat homemade snacks instead of harmful snacks from the market. Just like you take food to the office or work, you should also carry snacks so that you do not eat unhealthy things outside. In healthy snacks, you can eat Roasted Chana, Roasted Nuts, Roasted Seeds, Roasted Makhana, Dry Fruits, Boiled Eggs, Peanuts, Home Roasted Popcorn, Fresh Fruits, Murmure Namkeen, Sprouts, Brown Bread Sandwich, Poha, etc.

Avoid irregular eating style If you want controlled weight and a fit body, then set a rule for your diet. Keep a fixed time for meals and snacks and eat meals or snacks at the same time every day. Often people have a habit that whatever they see or are offered by others, they eat it immediately. This type of habit spoils both your fitness and health. So always keep control of your diet.

Do not eat food and snacks together or one after the other, if your meal time is near, then you should not eat snacks at such time. There should be a gap of at least 2.5 to 3 hours between meals and snacks. Not that I ate snacks 1 hour ago and then started eating food too. That is why it is important to have a fixed time for your meals and snacks. The habit of eating snacks or food without hunger increases your obesity and worsens the fitness of the body.

Tell the habit of eating late at night - you should not sleep early at the night and get up early in the morning. This habit keeps you healthy and the second advantage of this habit is that you can avoid eating unhealthy things late at night. Often when people do not sleep at night or they have a plan to stay awake till late, people eat unhealthy things at night. This habit is very dangerous for health. So brush after dinner and don't eat anything again after that. If sleeplessness is the problem, fix it.

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