Donate these things to please Shani Dev

Donate these things to please Shani Dev

Saturday is dedicated to Shani Dev. Devotees take different measures to please Lord Shani. Shanidev is called the god of justice, who keeps track of good and bad deeds. In the scriptures, Saturn has also been called a cruel planet. But it is not necessary that Shanidev always provides inauspicious results. Shani Dev also provides auspicious results. Many types of remedies have been mentioned in astrology to reduce the defect of Saturn.

By going to the Shani temple on Saturday, worshiping Saturn removes the inauspiciousness of the planet Saturn. Every Saturday, Shani Dev is pleased by donating in the temple. Let us know what things Shani Dev is pleased with donating.

Saturn's half and Saturn's bed

According to astrologers, these days, there is Dhaya and Gemini on Libra and Libra, and Saturn on Saturn on Sagittarius, Capricorn and Aquarius. One should do charity to pacify Shaniagraha.

How to please Shani Dev

When there is an outbreak of the planet Saturn in the horoscope, your work is tied for some reason. It affects your health, money, family, business and job. Therefore Saturn should avoid inauspicious fruits. To reduce the defect of Saturn, one should donate black things on Saturday.

To please Shani Dev, donating a black blanket, black umbrella is auspicious. Apart from this, black shoes can also be donated to poor people.

Donating mustard oil and black urad is auspicious on Saturday. Apart from this, Shani Dev is pleased by offering mustard oil and donating it.

Do not apply these things even after forgetting on face, skin will be damaged, color will be dark

Do not apply these things even after forgetting on face, skin will be damaged, color will be dark

We try many ways to make the face glowing and bright. But sometimes it becomes overwhelming to experiment and the beauty of the face deteriorates instead of improving. Know here about some such things that if used on the face will damage your skin and instead of being fair complexion, it will start looking dark.

Lemon: Some people massage the face directly with lemon peel, or apply lemon juice on the face. Lemon is never used directly on the face. This makes a difference on the facial beauty and the skin color looks dark.

Hot water: Some people have a habit of washing face with hot water. Washing the mouth with warm water removes moisture in the skin and brings dryness to the face. It is better to take steam on the face instead.

Toothpaste: When a pimples or pimples appear on the face, people often apply toothpaste. Toothpaste may cause a black spot at that place.

Wax: Wax should also be avoided on the face. The skin of the face is very soft. This can cause facial damage.

Try these things to bring glow to the face

1. Cleansing the face daily with raw milk clears the complexion, as well as makes the skin shiny.

2. Chironji grains are also considered very good for the skin. For this, soak the chironji in water overnight. Grind in the morning and mix it with milk and apply it on the face. In a few days the color will start to become blond.

3. Dry the orange peels and make them powder. Mix milk and honey in this powder and apply it on the face. Will work well enough.

4. Cream and gram flour is also an old formula to improve the face. By applying it, the quality of the skin improves and the skin improves.

5. Soak red lentils in the night and grind in the morning and mix milk and apply on the face like a pack. This will improve the skin of the face and the color will also open in a few days.

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