Dream of long thick hair will come true, just include these 15 foods in your diet

Dream of long thick hair will come true, just include these 15 foods in your diet

Everyone wants long and thick hair. But due to increasing pollution and bad lifestyle, people are facing the problem of hair fall a lot. Even without wanting, people are struggling with many other problems like dandruff, split ends, and dry hair. But such plight of hair is not only due to external reasons but also due to lack of nutrients in the body. That's why it is important that instead of spending money on expensive products, pay attention to your food by making small changes in your diet. The more healthy the food, the more your hair growth and shine will increase. So let's know about some such nutrition-rich foods which are very important and effective for the health of your hair.

Using Fenugreek Fenugreek, you can increase the growth of your hair. From food to the use of fenugreek in hair packs, it works to strengthen your hair from the inside. Apart from this, fenugreek water can also be used to restore shine to the hair. Drinking fenugreek water in the morning makes hair strong and thick.

Flaxseed is considered very beneficial for hair growth. The vitamin B element present in flaxseed helps in hair growth and omega-3 fatty acids keep the hair strong from the inside. Not only this, flaxseed contains vitamin E, which is helpful in fighting external radicals and preventing hair fall.

Spinach is a very beneficial vegetable for increasing hair growth. It contains plenty of vitamins, folate, and iron, which are considered good for hair growth. Also, spinach is considered effective for hair fall. Vitamin A is found in it, which helps the skin glands to make sebum. Apart from this, spinach is also unmatched in boosting metabolism.

Soybean contains many such elements, which are very wonderful in increasing hair. Eating soybeans not only increases hair but also makes them thick and shiny.

Nuts If you are troubled by the problem of hair breakage and loss, then eat 4-5 nuts daily, especially walnuts and almonds. This will make your hair long and thick. Apart from this, eating walnuts and almonds will also keep the body healthy. Let us tell you that omega-3 fatty acids are found in walnuts and almonds, which make hair thick. Apart from this, there are many other nuts, which are beneficial for hair like pistachios, peanuts, chironji, etc.

Carrots: By eating carrots in winter, there is no deficiency of iron in the body. Along with this, it is also considered good for hair. The B-7 and Biotin present in it works to revive the hair again.

Sweet Potato Sweet potato is rich in beta carotene and vitamin A. This can prove to be very beneficial in making hair black and thick.

Garlic Garlic is a wonderful tonic for hair. Its use can get rid of the problem of dandruff in the hair. Also, garlic contains sulfur, which works to regenerate broken hair.

Whole grains Biotin, iron, zinc, and vitamin B are found in very high amounts in whole grains. All these elements are very effective in increasing the growth of your hair.

Tomato is a very beneficial food not only for the skin but also for the hair. It is rich in antioxidants, which help you to remove bacteria and toxins present on the scalp.

Amla Vitamin-E present in Amla prevents hair fall and breakage. Along with this, with the help of Vitamin E, the hair grows longer, the problems of scalp and hair aging are relieved and there is re-growth of hair.

Eggs are used to bring new life to the hair. This excellent source of protein and biotin is not only beneficial for hair growth but also removes the lack of protein in the body.

Cinnamon is a great option for hair growth. This is because by eating cinnamon, there is proper blood circulation in the body, due to which oxygen reaches your hair follicles properly and helps in hair growth.

If your hair growth is not good, then include guava in your diet. Guava contains vitamin C, which works to prevent hair fall and increase hair growth.

Sunflower seeds can be very beneficial for increasing the length of the hair. It is rich in Vitamin E, which helps you to grow hair. Along with this, Vitamin E increases the blood flow to the scalp which is very important for the hair.

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Do not make these mistakes at all while offering water to Tulsi, you will not get the fruits of worship

Do not make these mistakes at all while offering water to Tulsi, you will not get the fruits of worship

According to the Vedas and scriptures, God resides in Tulsi. For this reason, it is planted in every house, so that there should always be happiness and peace in the house. There is a law to worship the Tulsi plant regularly. According to Vastu Shastra, offering water daily before sunrise and lighting a lamp of ghee under Tulsi in the evening removes all the troubles. Along with this, the atmosphere of the house remains positive and every member living in the house gets quadrupled progress twice a day. At the same time, what should be kept in mind while offering water to Tulsi in Vastu Shastra. There are some rules regarding this. It is believed that if you want to get the blessings of Lord Vishnu along with Maa Lakshmi, then you should avoid committing these mistakes.

Keep these things in mind while offering water to Tulsi

Do not offer water in Tulsi on Ekadashi

According to the scriptures, water should not be offered to the Tulsi plant on Ekadashi. Because on this day Maa Tulsi observes a Nirjala fast for Lord Vishnu. In such a situation, their fast is broken by offering water. Due to this, she becomes angry and the person has to face many financial problems. Apart from this, Tulsi leaves should also not be plucked on Ekadashi.

keep track of time

According to the scriptures, water to Tulsi Mata should always be done before sunrise. If you want, you can also do it at sunrise. It is believed that by offering water at this time, every wish of a person gets fulfilled.

don't wear clothes like that

According to Vastu Shastra, while offering water to Tulsi Mata, such clothes should not be worn at all, in which stitching has been done. Because wearing such clothes does not give full fruit of worship.

don't give too much water

According to Vastu Shastra, Mata Tulsi should not be offered too much water. Because by offering water in excess quantity, the root of Tulsi gets rotten. Due to this, it dries quickly. In such a situation, a person may have to face many troubles.

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