Due to these mistakes of yours, the problem of hair fall

Due to these mistakes of yours, the problem of hair fall

Hair problems occur due to pollution, stress, hormone imbalance, wrong diet, and poor routine. It is a genetic disease, which is passed on from generation to generation. In this, the hair starts falling out prematurely. Long-term hair loss also leads to the problem of baldness. For this, improve your routine, take a balanced diet, do daily exercise and yoga, get enough sleep, and stay away from stress. Apart from this, knowingly or unknowingly, you make many such mistakes, which lead to the problem of hair fall. Do not repeat these mistakes even after forgetting them. Let's know-

Do not comb wet hair. This increases the risk of hair breakage. Also, the hair becomes weak from the root. For this, first, dry the wet hair with the help of a towel. Only then comb. Until then, you can run your fingers through the hair. When the hair is dry, you can comb it.

It's a fashion trend these days. People use all tricks to look beautiful. If you also use a hit brush on the hair to look beautiful. In the initial days, you can get a stylish look, but using this tool makes your hair weak. Simply put, a hit brush is harmful to the hair. Avoid using a heated brush.

Do not keep the hair tied for a long time. It gives comfort, but it is not good for hair. By keeping the hair tied for a long time, the hair starts weakening from the roots. After a long time, there is a problem with hair fall. For this, open the hair at regular intervals and then tie it.

Do not wash your hair with shampoo again and again. Shampooing brings shine to the hair, but the hair starts to become weak.

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