During work from home, pain in hands and wrists can be removed with these stretching

During work from home, pain in hands and wrists can be removed with these stretching

If you spend many hours a day at the computer, etc., your wrists and hands may get sore. Due to such a routine, stiffness also increases and the chances of getting injury also increase. However, there are also some stretching exercises that you can incorporate into your daily routine to keep your wrists and hands strong.

Cleaned fist stretch

To do this, first of all, while sitting, keep your hands on the thighs upwards.

Now slowly close the fist of your hands, but keep in mind that do not keep it too tight.

Now bend the wrists slightly and raise the hands upwards so that they are not in touch with your body.

After some time take them back on the thighs.

You can hold this position for 10 seconds.

- Repeat this 10 times.

Extended Arms Stretch

- Extend the arms forward and raise the palms.

Now try to stretch the fingers towards the ground with your free hand.

Now after some time turn the fingers towards the body.

This position can be held for 10 to 30 seconds.

Desk Press Stretch

Sit on a chair and keep a chair or table in front of you. Now bring the hands under that table and keep them open upwards.

Try to press the bottom of the table with your hands.

Do this exercise for 5 to 10 seconds and repeat several times.

Eagle arms stretch

Extend the hands forward so that they become parallel to the ground.

Now cross the right arm over the left arm.

Now bend the elbow a little, then join the right elbow with the left so that both touch each other.

- Move the right arm to the right and the left arm to the left.

- Palms facing each other.

Now raise the elbows and stretch the fingers.

Remain in this position for 30 seconds.

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These winter footwears will keep you comfortable with every type of dress

These winter footwears will keep you comfortable with every type of dress

In the cold season, not only the outfits but also the footwear changes. Boots fashion remains the most trend in this, but apart from this, there are many footwear, through which you can get a stylish look. Some women like to wear footwear matching the outfit, but it is not possible to do so in winters. Let us tell you that there are many varieties in boots, so that not only can you avoid the cold but they are also comfortable, so let's know today about some stylish footwear that completes your look.


Most of the girls prefer to wear sleepers to avoid the cold in winters. However, instead of a normal sleeper, you can try a fashionable and trendy sleeper. It looks quite attractive to watch. You can also clean these sleepers easily. They give a cool and comfortable feeling in winter.

boom-boom shoes

Instead of normal shoes in winter, you can carry boom-boom winter shoes. In this you will get different attractive designs, which you can buy the accordion of your choice. Boom-boom winter shoes look great. It is comfortable and can be cleaned easily. In winter, you can try it with jeans, long-skirt. On the other hand, there are some such designs in boom-boom which can also be worn with a suit.

dorset boots

Dorset boots look great with jeans and a long jacket. Some girls prefer to wear Dorset boots instead of high boots. Heels and flats will be easily available in this. If your height is short then wear heels Dorset boots. Apart from this, they are also very strong and if its maintenance is right, then it lasts for many years. However, if you are going somewhere and you have to walk, then wear flat Dorset boots only.

Running shoes are the best

Girls like to look fashionable even while working out or jogging in the gym. In such a situation, try running shoes in terms of both fashion and comfort. Some running shoes have very thick sole and fabric inside. Such shoes are perfect for winters and wearing them can also protect the feet from cold. Apart from this, if you are going somewhere for walking or trekking, then these shoes are quite comfortable for that too.

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