Dussehra 2022: Rare Yoga is being made on Dussehra, know the timing and method of Vijayadashami

Dussehra 2022: Rare Yoga is being made on Dussehra, know the timing and method of Vijayadashami

With the end of Navratri, the festival of Dussehra is being celebrated. According to the Panchang, the festival of Dussehra is celebrated on the tenth day of Shukla Paksha of Ashwin month. This festival is celebrated as the victory of good over evil. Because on this day the idealistic Lord Shri Ram killed Lankapati Ravana and destroyed the ego and unrighteousness. The festival of Dussehra is considered very much. On this day it is considered good to do Manglik and auspicious work. On this day, shaving, piercing, land worship, buying a new business, vehicle, etc. is considered auspicious without seeing any auspicious time. This year a very rare coincidence is happening on the day of Dussehra. Know the auspicious time and worship method of Dussehra.

Dussehra 2022 auspicious time and rare yoga

Vijay Muhurta - October 4 at 2.13 pm till 3 pm the next day on October 5

Shravan Nakshatra - 04 October 2022 will start from 10:51 pm on the next day till 09:15 pm on 5 October 2022

Ravi Yoga: On October 5 from 06:30 am to 09:15 pm.

Sukarma Yoga: 4 October from 11:23 am to the next day 5 October till 08:21 am.

Dhriti Yoga: 5 October from 08:21 in the morning till 05:18 in the morning of 6 October the next day.

Dussehra 2022 inauspicious time

Rahukaal - October 5 from 11:56 am to 1:24 pm

Yama Gand - From 7:34 to 9:01 in the morning

Kulik - From 10:29 am to 11:56 am

Planetary Positions on Dussehra
Due to the change in the position of the planets on the day of Dussehra, the lives of the people of every zodiac will be affected.
On the day of Dussehra, the conjunction of Sun, Mercury, and Venus is happening in Virgo in the ascendant.
Guru Brihaspati is sitting in his own sign Pisces.
Saturn is sitting in its own sign Capricorn.
Rahu is situated in Aries.
The planet Ketu is placed in Libra.
Mars will remain in Taurus.
Dussehra 2022 Worship Method

On the tenth day of Ashwin month, take a bath after retiring from all work. After this take a resolution with this mantra.

Mam Kshemarogyadisidhyarth Yatras Vijaysiddhyarth

Ganpatimatrikamargadevataparajitashmipujanani karishye.

After this, worship the deities, Shami, Astra, Shastra, etc. Along with this, worship Goddess Aparajita in a proper manner.

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