Experts recommend six ways to prevent fungus infections because of the monsoon season

Our body’ and skin’s needs change with the seasons. For instance, we want to feel hydrated and fresh in the summer, but we need significantly more moisture in the winter. Similar to how the humid monsoon makes us look for alternatives that are fit for the climate. The wet weather during the rainy season increases our risk of getting several fungus-related ailments. Dermatologist Aanchal Panth addressed this problem and provided a few simple safety measures.

6 suggestions to avoid fungus during the monsoon season

First, the doctor advised us to dry out our body folds after a bath. These would be places like the neck, knee joints, and armpits. The importance of this, according to her, is due to the fact that “water or moisture trapped on body folds provides a suitable environment for fungal growth.” Using a towel made of a material that is very absorbent and will rapidly absorb the extra water is a simple method to accomplish so. Next, Aanchal advised us to wear cotton clothing that is loose-fitting throughout this season so that perspiration may escape more quickly. She also advised against wearing denim during the monsoon if you have a history of fungal infections.

Thirdly, the expert advised us to change into fresh clothing as soon as we finish working out. We often make the error of waiting until the perspiration has dried before changing. In particular, if we do cardio workouts, she warned avoiding sitting in gym gear.

Fourth, the towel should always be washed and dried every day. Utilizing cotton towels that can be regularly cleaned and dried is a smart strategy to avoid infections. This will prevent any fungal growth from developing on the towel fabric, said Aanchal.

Fifth, the expert advised daily washing and ironing of our underwear. According to her, “The lining of undergarments is a common source of fungal re-infection.” Additionally, this will assist prevent moisture from being trapped in these linens.

Last but not least, Aanchal cautioned against using steroid creams to treat fungal infections since doing so can make them worse. “Steroid cream improves the condition temporarily, but later significantly worsens,” she said. Instead, she advised always seeking the advice of a medical professional who specializes in the problem and can provide a long-term fix.





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