Follow these home remedies to darken white hair

Follow these home remedies to darken white hair

It is normal for hair to turn gray in old age. However, graying hair at an early age is a matter of concern. According to experts, the problem of hair is due to the wrong diet, bad routine, and stress. Apart from this, due to the deficiency of Vitamin-C in the body, the hair starts turning white. For this, definitely include things containing vitamin C in the diet. It also strengthens the immune system. Vitamin C is found in abundance in citrus fruits and vegetables. If you are also troubled by white hair, then definitely follow these 3 home remedies. Let's know-


According to health experts, onion proves to be helpful in darkening white hair. For this, prepare the juice by grinding the onion well. Now apply onion juice to your hair. After that massage the hair. When the hair is dry, wash the hair with normal water. Do this remedy twice a week.

This will turn white hair into black.


Amla is considered to be the main source of Vitamin C. Simply put, Vitamin C is found in abundance in Amla. Its consumption strengthens the immune system. Along with this, the problem of hair also gets rid. At the same time, grinding gooseberry and applying it to the hair turns white hair black.

coconut oil

Grandmothers recommend applying coconut oil to the hair. They believe that by applying coconut oil to the hair, the hair becomes black, thick, and long. It also gets rid of the problem of white hair. For this, massage the hair with coconut oil twice a week.

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