Follow these home remedies to make the skin spotlessly soft and glowing

Follow these home remedies to make the skin spotlessly soft and glowing

During lockdown when you are at home and you have a lot of time to take care of your skin. So in such a situation, do not miss the opportunity because with some things present at home, you can make your skin spotless and glowing. So let's know about those home remedies which are going to enhance your skin tone:-

Lemon and olive oil Take
two spoons of lemon juice, one spoon of olive oil and 1/3 cup of milk. Mix all these well and keep it in the fridge. This moisturizer can be used for three to four days. It is much better for people with sensitive skin. This is a very good body moisturizer.

ten spoons of almond oil and three oils like almond , coconut and sesame. Mix all these together and fill in a bottle. Apply it all over the body after bath, it will remove dryness of the skin. Applying this moisturizer immediately after bath retains moisture in the skin.

Cucumber and rose water Take
one spoon of lemon juice, two spoons of olive oil and juice of grated cucumber. Mix them well. After that add rose water and beat it. This mixture will refresh your dry skin.

Coconut oil and honey Take
one spoon of coconut oil, one spoon of honey and one spoon of lemon juice. Mix all these things well. Store it in the fridge and keep applying it on the face when needed. This moisturizer proves to be very good for soft skin. This is a great moisturizer for the face.

Leaves of rose
leaves Boil it in rose water to make Moisturizer leaves of roses. Filter it and add two spoons of aloe vera juice to it. Store it in the fridge and apply it regularly on the skin. Applying this will remove dryness of the skin.

Milk also acts as a good moisturizer. It also keeps the skin clean. Take 2 spoons of olive oil and mix some milk in it. Add two spoons of lemon juice to it and apply. This will make the skin soft.

Vera Take four spoons of aloe vera gel, one spoon of almond oil, one spoon of olive oil. Mix all these well and keep at room temperature. Apply when you want, the skin will glow. It is best for those with dry skin.

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Never put money plant in this direction at home

Never put money plant in this direction at home

 Who does not like to plant plants at home? The freshness of the freshness remains and the decoration is different. Many people use money plants as a decoration in their homes. It is believed that money plant brings happiness and prosperity in the house. But you can get amazing benefits by using it in the ways of Vastu. According to Vastu Shastri and astrologer Sakshi Sharma , as the vine of money plant grows, it also increases our economic progress and development. But if it is applied in the wrong direction then it can make you pauper.

In which direction should the money plant be?

By the way, the south direction is suitable for planting it. But money plant placed in the south-east direction can benefit you. Therefore, once you check in the house, where the money plant has been installed.

Where to put money plant in the house:

Money plant should be planted indoors. For good luck, keep it indoors in a green bottle and fill it with water. Do not forget to change its water every week. It is also necessary according to Vastu and also to keep the plant healthy.

Reduce Radiation:

Money plant not only increases prosperity but is also considered very good in terms of health. You can also put it near the Wi-Fi router. With this, along with protection from radiation, its positivity can spread all around.

Things to keep in mind:

Don't forget to plant money plant in North East. Applying it on the north and east walls also causes damage. Do not let its vine fall on the ground. It will give you financial troubles. It is best to grow it in water. Make sure you keep changing the water regularly. Keep removing rotten leaves. Khila Khila money plant is an indicator of good finance.

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