Follow these simple tips to solve untangled hair without any hassle

Follow these simple tips to solve untangled hair without any hassle

hair get tangled every morning when you wake up ? Does it take long for you to unravel your hair every day? Do you have a lot of pain while breaking the hair and they break? Does your hair get entangled over and over and you get angry after seeing them? Do you shy away from combing your hair after it gets tangled? If the answer to all these questions is yes then it means that you now need to change the way your hair combig. It is also a sign that you are not taking proper care of your hair and they are getting more confused due to the lack of proper care of hair. So, today we are giving you some easy tips which after adopting will help you in solving the problem of your hair.

Moisturize hair

If there is dryness in the hair, then it looks dull and becomes more tangled. Not only this, solving untangled hair at the moment is like winning a battle. If you have ever noticed, it is more difficult to comb dry hair, while it becomes easier to unravel the hair after oiling. Hair experts say that you should moisturize your hair at all times. For this you moisturize the hair every time after a wash and do hot oiling at least once or twice a week.

Trim your hair regularly

Hair stylists suggest that split-ends can be a major cause of tangled hair. This not only damages your hair but also prevents it from growing. Make sure you trim these dry ends regularly.

Must tie hair

Have you ever noticed when your hair is the most tangled? When you wake up in the morning. Therefore, the best way to avoid this problem is to tie your hair before sleeping at night. Hairstylists say that in addition to making one or two braid, you can also make low ponytail. However, your hairstyle should be such that you do not have any problem while sleeping and do not prick any hair pin.

Future can be estimated by looking at dog's activities

Future can be estimated by looking at dog's activities
In the scriptures too the dog has been given great importance. In the scriptures, the dog has been called Shakuna Ratna, according to Shakun Shastra, by looking at the activities of the dog, good and bad events can be estimated in the future. 
Dog Habits:
# Smell the left knee: If the dog is seen sniffing the left knee, you can get money and if you see the right knee sniffing, then the wife may get into a fight. 
# Raising the head with the tail raised: If a dog shakes his head with his tail raised in front of him while eating, he should not take food as there is a possibility of getting sick by eating it.
# Growling with anger: If a dog roars with fear or anger after seeing a passenger or wanders around for no reason, the person traveling can suffer loss of money.
# Rub the head on the earth: If the dog suddenly rubs its head on the earth and does this action again and again, there is a possibility of buried money in that place.
# Bread in the mouth: If a person is seen bringing a dog, bread, puri or any other food item to his mouth while traveling, then the person is likely to gain money.
# Licking the tail again and again: According to Shakun Shastra, if a dog licks its tail repeatedly in front of a patient, the patient is likely to die very soon.
# The dog walks with the left side: If a dog walks with you to the left, then a beautiful woman and wealth can be obtained. If you move to the right, then you report theft or loss of money in some way.

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