Garlic Benefit: Garlic is effective in increasing your hair growth, use it in this way

Garlic Benefit: Garlic is effective in increasing your hair growth, use it in this way

There are many such vegetables in your kitchen, which are also very important for your health. Garlic is one of them. Mostly we use garlic in vegetables, but it is also considered a kind of medicine. Because by consuming garlic, you are protected from many diseases. It is also very beneficial for your hair.

Actually, garlic contains an element called allicin, which is also considered to be a very good anti-oxidant. Apart from this, it also contains carbs 21, iron, sulfuric acid, protein and many other nutrients including vitamins A, B, C, E, which protect your body from many diseases.

The use of garlic also helps to increase hair growth, eradicate alopecia and relieve dandruff. Today we are going to tell you about some such benefits of garlic-

Garlic increases hair growth

You will be surprised to know that garlic is helpful in increasing the growth of your hair to a great extent. To increase hair growth, you need to make garlic oil. To make oil, peel ten buds of garlic and peel one onion along with it. Now blend the two together. Now put half a cup of oil in a pan and heat it. (You can choose from olive, castor or coconut oil) Now put garlic and onion paste in this oil. Fry this paste till it turns brown. After this, turn off the gas and let it cool down. Now filter it and massage this oil on the scalp. By doing this three times a week, your hair growth will start to increase.

Relieves alopecia

This is a kind of hair infection. In this, many of your hair gets destroyed from one place and garlic is very effective in relieving it. Every day, extract garlic juice and apply it on the part of the scalp where there is no hair. Leave it like this for half an hour. After that shampoo it. Repeat this for 2-3 months. You will definitely benefit.

Also removes dandruff

Nowadays every other person has dandruff problem and this problem has become very common now. To get rid of this, you peel ten buds of garlic. Also peel a two inch piece of ginger. Now grind both together. After that, heat coconut or olive oil in it and put the paste in it and fry it till it becomes brown. After this, keep aside the oil and leave it like this until it cools down. After cooling down, massage your scalp with this oil thrice a week.

'God's Own Country' Kerala, is famous worldwide for these places apart from spices

'God's Own Country' Kerala, is famous worldwide for these places apart from spices

There are very few things like tea plantations, backwaters and spices cultivation for which Kerala is famous all over the world. Kerala has been given the status of 'God's Own Country'. This place is a paradise for tourists. Here you can enjoy many other things like dense forests, mountains, beaches. Let's know here about more famous places of this state…


Alleppey is located in Kerala, this city is famous worldwide for backwater and sea beach. The backwaters are a network of brackish canals, rivers and lakes that pass through half of the state of Kerala, the most popular thing here is the Kettuvallam or House Boat which has its own pleasure to roam. House Boat offers many facilities including delicious Kerala food.


Thekkady is most famous for Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary. Around which elephants will be seen hovering and you can also ride elephants. Apart from this, you can also enjoy every full of jugs here. This place is perfect for the Wildlife Gateway and one can also see the beautiful hills of Nilgiris.


Kochi was earlier known as Cochin. This city is the major port city of the country which is the cultural and economy capital of Kerala.
It is an activity hub for tourists that attracts tourists from all over the world. From the fishing net to the cultivation of spices, Chinese is famous for where new things will be found in every corner.


Munnar is a beautiful tourist destination. Munnar is one of the largest tea producing regions in India. Here the hills touching the Badalo can make anyone's heart happy. Beautiful waterfalls, sunny beaches, flowing water streams and misty mountains can be enjoyed here.


Kannur was once a very important British trading center in the south. Most of which is still visible today. That is why even today, a mixed civilization appears in the city of Kunnar, where you can reach St. Angelo Fort can be visited for a walk along with Paiyambalam beach, wildlife in the Aralam Wildlife Sanctuary and a ferry ride over the Lacadive Sea.

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