Giving A Complete Account Of The Five Days Of The SSB Interview

In India, the Service Selection Board (SSB) interview is among the most difficult ones. It is regarded as the most important recruiting phase for the Indian Armed Forces. A range of exams and assessments are part of the five-day interview procedure. The chosen applicants are sent to the Indian Military Academy, Indian Naval Academy, Officers Training Academy, and Air Force Academy for officer training after passing the interview process. Today, let’s examine the steps that are taken throughout the five-day SSB interview process:

Day 0: Reporting Day: An army officer welcomes candidates at the station who are attending the SSB interview. After that, they are brought to the selection center, where the procedure will take place. The official gives an introductory speech as soon as they arrive, including all the necessary details of the procedure. Verification of the documents comes next. The army does not observe the reporting day as the first day. The day is counted as the first by the Air Force Service Selection Board, and other examinations start as soon as the verification procedure is finished.

First Day of Screening: Three exams are administered on the first day of the SSB interview:

Papers 1 and 2 of the Officers Intelligence Rating Test (OIR Test)

Test of Perception and Discussion of Pictures (PPDT).

There are written and spoken exams in the OIR. Two booklets with forty questions each are given to the applicants. For each booklet, 15–17 minutes are given for answering. The PPDT round then begins. The contestants in the PPDT round see an image for thirty seconds. After that, the photo is removed, and the contenders have four minutes to compose a narrative using the image. A conversation in the group comes next. A group of ten to fifteen hopefuls is formed. After a group discussion, each group is expected to recount the tales. At the conclusion of the PPDT exam, the results are declared, and the chosen applicants go to the next phase.

Day 2: Psychological Testing: Four levels of testing are carried out on the second day:

Test of Thematic Apperception (TAT)

Test of Word Association (WAT)

Test of Situational Reaction (SRT)

Test of One’s Own Description

The contestants see twelve images in the first round, one of which is black and white. The contestants have four minutes to compose a narrative based on each photo once it has been shown for thirty seconds. You keep doing this until the black slide shows up. Candidates are presented with 60 words consecutively throughout the Word Association Test test. Every word appears on the screen for 15 seconds, during which the applicants must compose a phrase using the term. Candidates take the Situation Reaction Test by writing their answer based on one of 60 circumstances in a booklet that is provided to them. For this exam, 30 minutes are allotted. The Self Description Test, which requires applicants to write a few lines about themselves, is the last task of the day. This job has a 15-minute time limit.

Day 3: Group evaluation 1: A number of group activities and assignments are conducted on the third day of the SSC interview process. They are as follows:

Two issues are discussed in group.

Exercise in group planning

increasing group assignments

Task of Individual Obstacles

chores for half a group

Day 4: Group testing 2: Individual obstacle challenges, command tasks, final group activities, lectures, and personal interviews make up the fourth day of the selection process. Each of the four subjects provided to the candidates must be covered in a three-minute speech.

A candidate has three minutes to navigate ten obstacles in the individual obstacle round. After the daily exercises are finished, personal interviews are usually conducted on the second, third, and fourth day of the procedure. There are inquiries about everyday life, employment, family, education, interests, and accomplishments in school as well as general awareness. The applicants’ interviews form the basis of the ultimate decision.

Day 5: The Service Selection Board members give a concluding address on the fifth and final day, which is followed by a conference. After deliberating on each candidate’s performance, the members call each one separately to share the findings as a whole. The applicants are then suggested by the committee for the ultimate selection procedure.

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