Goa SSC Result 2024: Wanarmare tribe student makes history by being the first person in the Katkari group to pass the test

The Wanarmare sub-tribe of the Katkari group, who live in Malpe-Virnoda, North Goa, is ecstatic that their first student, who did not pay tuition, passed the Secondary School Certificate (SSC) test with a 44% mark.

About a century ago, the Wanarmare clan, who were originally from the Maharashtra districts of Sindhudurg and Ratnagiri, settled in Goa. With a population of between 200 and 300, the tribe is spread over two areas in Goa: Nirankal in south Goa and Malpe in the north.

Being the first student from Virnoda to pass the SSC test, Ganesh Pawar has distinguished himself.

Ganesh’s father, Hanuman Pawar, told IANS that their oldest son passing the SSC test was the happiest day of his life. “He is our tribe’s first pupil to have finished the tenth standard. Hanuman Pawar, the parent of five children, expressed his happiness and desire that youngsters from their neighborhood get an education.

“We don’t have steady employment. We accept jobs from anybody who needs help in agriculture or any other industry, and we get paid. We don’t own any property, so we don’t have a permanent place to live. We live on property owned by landlords and are required to leave at their request,” he said.

According to Pawar, Ganesh hasn’t made up his mind about going back to school. “But I am encouraging him to pursue whatever he wishes,” he said.

Ganesh expressed his sincere gratitude for the prospects that education has provided for him.
“My educational experience was difficult, but it showed me that tenacity and encouragement may alter our course in life. This accomplishment belongs to my whole community, not just me. He said, “I hope that by sharing my experience, other kids from my neighborhood will be encouraged to follow their goals and have faith in the prospect of a better future.

The chairperson of the Goa State Commission for Protection of Child Rights, Peter F. Borges, stated: “We are very pleased with Ganesh’s achievement, which represents a critical turning point in our continuous efforts to provide education for every child. His accomplishment validates our conviction that any kid can overcome obstacles and realize their potential if given the proper guidance and chances. This is a win for the Katkari community, Ganesh, and all of us who think that education has the ability to change people’s lives.”

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