Holashtak 2024: Dates of Beginning and Ending; Reasons for Not Doing Any Fortunate Work During These Eight Days

Holashtak is a symbol for the period of time from Phalgun Shukla Ashtami to Phalgun Purnima. There is no lucky work done at this time. Hola Ashtak, the eight days before Holi, are free of all auspicious and Manglik activities. As the Holashtak holiday gets underway, the Holi festival comes. The eight days in Holashtak have special importance. All good deeds, like getting married, moving into a new house, launching a business, etc., are not done during these eight days.

Holakshtak takes place this year on March 17 and runs until March 24.

Dates of Start and End for Holashtak 2024

Start date of Holashtak 2024 is Monday, March 17, 2024.

Holashtak 2024 Closing Date: Tuesday, March 24, 2024

Holashtak comes to an end with Holika Dahan.

Why Are There No Propitious Tasks Completed During Holi?

Holashtak is not marked with an auspicious muhurat. Hindu mythology states that Hiraikashyapa, the king of demons, counsels his son Prahlada against worshiping Lord Shri Vishnu. Prahlada’s father disapproves, yet he still worships Vishnu intensely. This infuriates Hiraikashyapa. He torments Prahlada in different ways for eight days, beginning on Ashtami of the Shukla Paksha of the Phalgun month and ending on Purnima. He also makes an effort to kill his own kid. Prahlad’s unshakable devotion to Lord Vishnu, however, ensures that he is always safe.

On the eighth day, Phalgun Purnima, Hiranyakaship assigned his sister Holika the mission of slaying Prahlad. Holika was given the ability to resist flames. Prahlad is on Holika’s lap as she sits in front of the fire. But again, Lord Shri Vishnu comes to his devotee’s aid. Holika dies in the fire, while Prahlad makes it out unharmed.

As a result, the eight days that precede Holika Dahan are known as Holashtak and are not regarded as lucky days. Holashtak is also said to have started on the day when Lord Shri Bhole Nath destroyed Kama Dev out of rage.

Which Sanskaras Should Not Be Done During This Lucky Time? Holakshtak 2024

Hindu customs state that Holashtak is a day on which neither the sixteen Sanskaras nor auspicious deeds are carried out. It is thought that Shanti Puja has to be done in advance, even if a person’s funeral is scheduled on this day. The last rituals may only then be carried out.

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