Home cooks in the NCR offer Navaratra cuisine a healthier twist

In the National Capital Region (NCR), those who are fasting for Navaratra choose to buy festive specialties from home cooks in the city, who provide unique meal combinations, guilt-free snack alternatives, and more.

People are making sure they have a nutritious meal during their fast, such as falahari cake and buckwheat spaghetti.
A nutritious substitute for the Navaratra meal
We The Chefs member Sarika Gupta, a home cook in Faridabad, said, “No one wants to consume fried food during their fast today.

Creating dishes that are flavorful yet low in fat is thus the best course of action. In the Navaratra thali, we use parathas made with various flours instead of pooris. Light dishes like samak idlis are the best option.

Fusion cuisine is what Sandeep Chatrath, a home cook from Gurgaon and member of We The Chefs, serves to his customers. “Things like buckwheat pasta with tomato sauce, potato-water chestnut croquettes with homemade Navaratra-friendly mayonnaise, cottage cheese and cherry tomato skewers with pesto sauce, and sabudana cutlets with kiwi and date relish work well for people who don’t mind a twist in traditional flavours,” he says. One of the most popular sweets is makhana kheer with orange zest flavouring. “Some novelty is always welcome, as people have been eating the same fast food for ages,” he continues.

Gurgaon-based home cook Priyanka Garg adds, “We get orders for dishes like a falahari meal from those who are fasting and even from those who are not.” Many customers have vadas and sabudana khichdi for their evening tea at home or in the workplace.” Home cook Neetu Puri said, “The younger generation usually wants navaratra thali since they like to have one big meal in the evening and munch on fruits or snacks like roasted makhana during work hours.

To satisfy appetites, Navaratra has added new items to its menu.
“People search for healthy meal alternatives throughout the fasting period to satisfy their food desires. In light of this, new menu items include roasted sweet potato curry, raw banana curry, stir-fried green plantains, and samak rice flavoured with cumin or lemon, according to chef Anjali Gupta, who is based in Delhi and founded a south Indian cuisine catering business.

Hello, how are you?

Fasting people like falahari cake, according to baker Kritika Malhotra of Faridabad. “People are interested in trying falahari cake. Home baker Kritika Malhotra says that health-conscious fasting individuals usually buy falahari cakes prepared with kuttu ka atta, rajgiri atta, and bananas (or any fruit). Additionally, customers have faith that amateur bakers will take all the required safety measures, such as selecting the best ingredients and upholding hygiene, while creating falahari cakes. Even those with gluten allergies purchase it on non-fasting days.

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