How Should Devotees Offer Water And In Which Direction? Pitru Paksha 2023

Hindu believers spend a 15-day period known as Pitru Paksha to honoring their ancestors. It will begin on September 29 this year. In Hinduism, this is known as the Fortnight of the Ancestors and has great importance. Understanding how rituals like Tarpan, Shraddha, and Pind Daan are conducted during this holy time is essential. It’s also critical to understand the way to execute Tarpan and how to provide water to the parineeti chopra raghav chadha wedding priyanka chopra drops a picture of her daug

In an interview with News18, Pandit Raja Acharya from Mantralaya Vedic Pathashala discussed this. The ancestors get solace in their spirits when Jalanjali is presented to them by the thumb. The area of the palm where the thumb is placed is referred to as Pitru Tirtha in legendary writings. After receiving the tarpan materials, one should sit in the direction that faces the south. Water, Kusha grass, Akshata, flowers, and black sesame seeds should all be held in the hands by the worshippers. Ask the ancestors to accept the water while you meditate while keeping them in mind.

Offerings are offered to the ancestors at Dev Tirth while facing east, according to Pandit Raja Acharya. In the Rishi Tirth, worshippers should face north and give water and akshat to the ancestors. While facing south, the ancestors are given water and sesame seeds. The gods get Anjali water one at a time. The scriptures state that the sages should get two Anjali waters and the ascendants should receive three Anjali waters.

Other astrologers have expressed the view that it is crucial to please the ancestors during the pitru paksha. To promote peace between the living and the dead, Pandit Hitendra Kumar Sharma offered some wise cures employing the holy Ganga water.

Adding Ganga Water to Offerings: According to Sanatan Dharma, the Ganga River is extraordinarily sacred. Pandit Hitendra Kumar advised adding a few drops of Ganga water to food and water offerings before presenting them to the ancestors. It is said that by doing this, the family would remain peaceful and get blessings from the ancestors. During the pitru paksha phase, ganga water should also be liberally sprinkled around the home.


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