If you want to be visible even at the age of 40, then eat these 3 foods at the age of 25!

If you want to be visible even at the age of 40, then eat these 3 foods at the age of 25!

Who can stop aging, but when the signs of aging start showing on the face, then no one likes it. What kind of diet we have been taking throughout our lives and how we have kept our health, the effect of all this is visible. Therefore, aging cannot be stopped, but the skin can be kept young for a long time.

Through food, we get many such nutrients, which have a positive effect on the skin. It slows down the rate of aging of our skin. There are many food items that keep your skin healthy as well as keep it young for a long time. However, this does not mean that you will become young as soon as you eat them.

This means that you will look young even though you are old. The face will be glowing and glowing. So let's know about such foods that work to keep your skin young.

These things will get rid of fine lines and wrinkles

flax seeds

You must have heard a lot about flax seeds. It is generally advised to eat flax seeds to stay healthy. This is because it has antioxidant properties, which work to reduce the risk of many types of cancer along with heart health. Apart from this, in this seed

Alpha-linolenic acid and omega-3 fatty acids are also present. Omega-3 works to keep your skin and hair young. Therefore, if you regularly consume flaxseeds or oil, then your skin will remain healthy.

green tea

Green tea contains many antioxidants, which can help the body fight free radicals. Free radicals can cause many types of damage. Apart from drinking green tea, you can also apply it on the face. For this, make green tea and let it cool down, and then add a few drops of lemon juice to it. Now apply this mixture at night while sleeping. Wash the face with water in the morning. According to some research, the use of green tea on the skin makes the skin flexible and slows down the aging process.

dark chocolate

Excessive consumption of chocolate is not supported, however, there are many benefits of eating dark chocolate. It is rich in polyphenols that act as antioxidants. It also contains flavonols, which work to benefit health in many ways. This includes reducing the risk of diseases such as heart disease and diabetes. Most importantly, dark chocolate protects the skin from damage and removes the signs of aging. The properties present in dark chocolate bring elasticity to the skin and make the face youthful.

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To strengthen your health, consume tea made from guava leaves, make a drink like this

To strengthen your health, consume tea made from guava leaves, make a drink like this

Guava fruit is rich in antioxidants, vitamin C, potassium, and fiber. Tea made from the leaves of the plant is also good for health. People have been consuming tea from guava leaves for many generations, but with the passage of time, its popularity waned. The main reason behind this is the arrival of different types of tea on the market.

If you want to rely solely on some natural ingredients and don't want to start the day with processed, then guava leaf tea is the right choice for you. Getting guava leaves is not difficult. The Guava plant is found in the garden and the courtyard of the house. Guava leaf tea is also anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-bacterial. Hence, you must learn the recipe for guava leaves tea.

How to prepare tea with guava leaves


Tea can be made from fresh guava leaves, half a teaspoon of normal tea, a quarter teaspoon of water, and honey or jaggery.


Wash 10 leaves of guava with clean water. Put a quarter teaspoon of water in a saucepan and let it boil on medium heat for two minutes. After that add the washed guava leaves and boil for 5 minutes. Add half a teaspoon of normal tea for color and taste. Now boil for 10 more minutes and filter the leaves by adding water. Lastly, add honey or jaggery for sweetness.

benefits of tea

reduce cholesterol

High levels of cholesterol in the body can lead to many health problems, especially for the heart. Cholesterol obstructs the blood flow in the body. According to an article published in Nutrition and Metabolism, research showed that consuming guava leaf tea reduced the cholesterol levels of participants after eight weeks.

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