If you want to eat something sweet, make chana dal barfi

If you want to eat something sweet, make chana dal barfi

It often happens that you feel like eating something sweet and you don't understand what to eat. Anyway, these days when it is not safe to eat or drink anything from outside, in such a situation, when you are craving sweets, you can make something at home. Yes, today we are telling you about the recipe for making barfi with the help of chana dal . The easier it is to cook, the more delicious it is to eat. So let's start making it-


A cup of chana dal

A cup of desi ghee

Three cups full cream milk

Saffron threads

A cup of sugar

Almonds, Cashew and Pistachio

Half a teaspoon of cardamom powder


To make chana dal barfi , first wash the gram lentils properly and let them soak for about two hours. After this, sieve the lentils with the help of a sieve and then put on a towel and soak the excess water. Soak saffron threads in milk and leave. After this, put a little ghee in a pan, add almonds, cashews and pistachios and roast it. Now add gram lentils and fry in this ghee. When the lentils are well roasted, take out the lentils. On the other hand, crush the dye fruits with the help of rolling pin. Now when the lentils have cooled down a bit, put them in a blender and make a paste.

Now add ghee and lentils to the pan and fry them while stirring. When this light fry again, add milk with saffron and mix it. Stir it well and when the milk becomes slightly absorbent, add sugar to it and mix once again. Now add dye fruits and cardamom powder to it and mix well. By the way, on this stage you can also eat it as a halwa. On the other hand, Barfi can also be made with its help.

For this, grease a plate with some ghee and grease it well. Now put the prepared pudding in it and set it well and then wrap it in plastic and let it set in the fridge for some time. At the last you take it out of the fridge and cut it with the help of a knife. Your chana dal barfi is now ready.

Barfi makers with this method say that its taste is much more delicious than the barfi found in the market.