International Yoga Day 2021: Start yoga with these 5 easy yoga exercises

International Yoga Day 2021: Start yoga with these 5 easy yoga exercises

Yoga works to keep you physically and mentally healthy. Regular yoga keeps you healthy. While starting yoga, many things have to be kept in mind like doing the pose slowly in the beginning. It is not necessary that you do the right posture in one go. These poses help in increasing flexibility and increasing your strength. In the beginning, there is some tiredness in the body. But with practice, the pain subsides. Let us know which yogasanas you can do in the beginning.


This pose also helps in strengthening your back and legs. Keep your right foot up and firmly on your left thigh. Keep your left leg straight and try to maintain balance. Take a deep breath and as you inhale, raise your arms above your head and say Namaste with your palms together. Keep your back straight and take a few deep breaths. Slowly bring your hands down and release your right leg and relax. Repeat with the other leg.


Bhujangasana will strengthen your lower back muscles, spine and triceps as well as open up the chest thereby improving breathing. Lie down on your stomach. Place your hands down on the mat under your shoulders. While inhaling, slowly raise your head and slowly tilt it back and at the same time raise your upper body till the waist. Support yourself with your hands, keep the elbows straight and feel the pressure on your palms. As you release your posture, exhale. Relax and repeat the posture again.


Rest on your yoga mat with your feet together and hands by your side. Take a deep breath and while exhaling, lift your chest and legs off the ground. Straighten your hands in the direction of your feet. Your eyes are on your fingertips. Exhale, come back to the ground and relax. Naukasana helps in tightening the abdominal muscles and strengthening your back and shoulders.


Stand straight with your feet slightly apart and then raise your arms without bending the elbows. Inhale and bend your knees, push your hips down as if you are sitting on a chair. Take deep breaths. Utkatasana strengthens the leg and arm muscles as well as enhances the body's capacity.


Balasana helps you feel calm and focused. It helps to relieve stress and fatigue. This is usually done to energize you in the midst of a tough routine. Bend your knees and sit with your hips on your heels. Rest your head on the mat and either bring your hands to your side or spread them out in front. Come into the pose and breathe slowly and relax.

After all, why is your baby crying, parents of a new born baby should know the reason

After all, why is your baby crying, parents of a new born baby should know the reason

Well a crying baby is a sign of a healthy baby because they are trying to communicate and they are aware of their surroundings. It also creates a special bond between mother and baby as we all know that a crying baby needs soothing and love and a mother gives endless joy to both.

Why is your baby crying?

# Use your baby's belly to check the temperature. If it's hot, take out a blanket and if it's cold put them on a blanket to keep them warm.

# Hunger Grief: It's just because they are hungry and want food. The baby will calm down immediately once you give them milk.

#Battered: If they get tired or sleepy, they start crying and this is a sign for them to tell you it is before they go to sleep.

# If a baby is put in an uncomfortable position they will start crying and try to tell you to get them out of there.