Meet a lady who studied medicine, passed the UPSC test, and was appointed an IAS official; yet, she quit after just seven years because of

Many aspirant Indians spend years of arduous effort striving to fulfill their aspiration of passing the UPSC test and becoming IAS officials. Some others, like Dr. Tanu Jain, have opted to pursue alternative career paths in spite of their achievement as IAS officers in the 2015 class.

Tanu Jain, a native of Delhi’s Sadar neighborhood, had a traditional upbringing, attended Cambridge School before enrolling in Subharti Medical College to get a BDS (Bachelor of Dental Surgery). She started preparing for the UPSC test when she was still a dental student, and she eventually achieved her dream of becoming an IAS official.

Following her success, Dr. Tanu Jain continued to give back to the community by publishing books, giving speeches at motivational events, and participating in a variety of social service projects. She has a sizable Instagram following of over 96k people, and her contributions and thoughts are well-known.

After serving as an IAS officer for seven and a half successful years, Tanu Jain took the risky choice to quit the public services and become a full-time teacher. She gave the following excuse for her relocation: “I worked hard for seven and a half years in a job that I found fulfilling. I did notice certain difficulties with UPSC preparation, however. Having experienced the challenges of test preparation myself, I am aware of the obstacles that candidates must overcome. Life offers chances for personal development, and because my spouse works for the government, I felt confident enough to take a chance and start a new chapter in my life.”

Tanu Jain had difficulties throughout her tenure at UPSC. She failed the major test despite passing the preliminary exam in barely two months on her first try. She barely managed to get the 648th spot on her third try in 2014. Tanu Jain’s narrative provides evidence of the decisions that might be made in the quest for both career and personal satisfaction.

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