Mehndi also removes dandruff along with falling hair, just use it like this

Mehndi also removes dandruff along with falling hair, just use it like this

Due to excessive moisture in the air during the rainy season, many types of bacterial and fungal infections occur on our scalp. This moisture present in the atmosphere also absorbs the natural oil from our scalp, due to which the hair roots become weak and the skin dry. The moisture present on the scalp severely weakens our hair follicles, leaving them lifeless and dry. Due to this, the hair gets tangled and also falls fast. So if you also try different products and treatments to control hair fall, then stop it. Instead, look at natural remedies. One of which is Mehndi. Mehndi is a very effective and completely natural product for hair. With its use twice a week, the beauty of the hair can be maintained. Let us know what are the benefits of applying henna to the hair.

Benefits of applying henna to hair (Henna Hair Benefits)

hair fall is less

If hair fall continues continuously, then to stop it, start using henna as soon as possible. If you mix egg, lemon, and curd in the pack of henna, then you will get more benefits.

Dandruff goes away

Cook henna powder in a small vessel on low flame, then mix almond oil in it. After cooling, apply it to the hair and wash it after keeping it for one to two hours.

Get shiny, long, and thick hair

With the continuous use of henna, a different shine is seen in the hair. It also makes hair thick, long, and strong.

get rid of white hair

Instead of breaking the white hair, if you use henna instead of color to cover it, then it will be more beneficial. This gives a beautiful natural color to the hair.

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