National Tourism Day 2023: Background, Importance, Theme, and Other Information

National Tourism Day 2023: Background, Importance, Theme, and Other Information

Traveling has several, substantial advantages, ranging from decreasing stress levels to lowering the chance of contracting a variety of chronic conditions. Amit Kumar, Matthew A. Killingsworth, and Thomas Gilovich from Cornell University found that spending money on travel results in longer-lasting satisfaction than spending money on other things. Every year on January 25, people all across the globe observe National Tourism Day to promote the industry.

This day is marked to draw attention to how crucial tourism is to the national economy. The day strives to promote the nation's culture and traditions while also accelerating economic progress. In India, the tourist industry also contributes 8.1% of all employment and 9.2% of the nation's GDP.

National Tourism Day: History in 2023

The Indian government designated January 25 as National Tourism Day. It was created to highlight the value of tourism and raise public awareness of the nation's economy. There is no precise evidence surrounding the creation of this day, however stories indicate that a Tourist Committee was established by the government in 1948. The purpose of this day's inception was to save national heritage and create popular tourism spots nationwide.

2023's National Tourism Day: Theme

The Government has yet to reveal the topic for National Tourism Day 2023. However, "Rural and Community Centric Tourism" was the focus of last year's National Tourism Day festivities, while "Dekho Apna Desh" was the topic for 2021.

2023 National Tourism Day: Festivities

The nation-wide celebration of the day includes both national and state-level activities. The Center plans seminars, cultural events, and activities to improve tourism in its territories.