Never try these Relationship Tips of Bollywood, breakup will happen

Never try these Relationship Tips of Bollywood, breakup will happen
In today's time, everyone is getting hung up on Bollywood films. There is no harm in this, but one thing is being seen among all these and that is the imitation of the characters of these Bollywood films. In today's era, hardly a few selected Bollywood films stay away from love.
Alam is such that often in every Bollywood film, all kinds of scenes are shown regarding the relationship. Crying, cheating, and threatening someone in the situation of getting cheated in return for love are common in today's films.
But this is a 2 or two and a half hour film, which has nothing to do with the real situation, but in real life also some people try to do all these things exactly, which in the end becomes a problem for us. Today, through this lifestyle segment of Inkhabar, we will inform you about all those things which you should never imitate in real life by learning from Bollywood films.
1. Compromise in career
In films, it is shown about the romantic life from school to college. It is often shown that the characters forget their studies and become obsessed with love. Decided to live and die with their partner and even run away from their home. But let us tell you that you should pay more attention to your career in your real life, otherwise you may have to go through difficulties throughout your life.
2. Stock up
Don't know how many such scenes you must have seen in films, where the hero's heart falls on a beautiful girl and then the hero leaves everything and starts chasing her. All these scenes are sometimes given a touch of funny twist with romantic songs, but doing so in real life can make any relationship worse.
3. Be positive
It is often seen in films that lovers are very much concerned about their partner. They can never tolerate their partner with anyone else but this character suits only in movies and not in real life. By doing this, there can be more distance in your relationship.