Shahi Phirni Recipe: Make this Shahi Kesar Badam Phirni on Eid

Shahi Phirni Recipe: Make this Shahi Kesar Badam Phirni on Eid

In summer you can prepare a favorite Shahi Phirni. Its taste is very good. This is a delicious North Indian dish. It can be made on many special occasions. Delicious dishes are an important part of our celebration. In such a situation, we prepare many delicious dishes for ourselves and the family. Eid is a festival where we spend a lot of time with friends and family and eat delicious food together. Many delicious dishes are prepared on Eid. This Shahi Phirni is prepared by cooking rice and milk together. It has the flavor of kewra essence and cardamom powder. Soaked saffron threads and chopped almonds give it a royal taste. Shahi Phirni tastes best with khoya. Make this Shahi Phirni and enjoy it with friends and family.

royal phirni material 

  • Soaked Basmati Rice - 60 grams
  • Sugar - 4 tsp
  • Saffron – 7 threads
  • Full cream milk - 2 liters
  • Green cardamom - 1/2 tsp ground
  • Kewra Essence – 5 drops
  • Peeled, soaked overnight, chopped almonds – 10

Step – 1 Grind the rice

First squeeze the soaked rice and then put it in the food processor. Grind it. Use granulated rice for this. Do not grind them too much or else it will turn into powder.

Step – 2 Add milk to the pan

Put full cream milk in a pan. Add rice just before the milk starts boiling. Shake it to mix well. Cook it for about 40 minutes. Keep driving continuously.

Step – 3 Prepare Phirni

When the mixture becomes thick, add sugar and mix it. Cook it for 10 minutes and then add kewra essence and cardamom powder. After mixing well keep it aside. Let it cool down for some time.

Step – 4 Freeze the phirni

Cook it till it becomes thick. Put the phirni in an earthen pot and bowl. Cover it with plastic food wrap and keep it in the fridge for at least 4 hours.

Step-5 Decorate the Shahi Phirni

Now soak the saffron threads in hot milk for half an hour. Take out the phirni and put soaked saffron and almonds on top. Now your Shahi Phirni is ready to be served. Enjoy it now.

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