Shiv Kumar Pandit of Saharsa Gets 690 Marks in NEET-UG 2024 Despite Financial Difficulties

On June 4, 2024, the National Testing Agency (NTA) released the results of the NEET-UG (National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test (Undergraduate) 2024). Shiv Kumar Pandit, a student from Saharsa and Ramotar Pandit’s son, reportedly passed this esteemed test, according to Local 18 Bihar. In the NEET test, he received 690 out of 720 points and an All India rank of 4907.

Regarding his Other Backward Class classification, he is ranked 1894th. Due to his humble upbringing, Shiv Kumar had to face difficult conditions throughout his training. His father is a laborer with little money to sustain his family and send his kids to school. Not even a decent dwelling could be built by him for the family. Shiv’s mother, Manju Devi, aspired for her son to become a doctor despite their little means. She gave him encouragement throughout his study, and with a focused attitude, Shiv succeeded in passing the NEET. He is from Manpura, a little hamlet in the Saharsa district of Mahishi Block.

Shiv put forth a lot of effort to pass the NEET test after his parents signed him up for tutoring. The Saharsa applicant, however, suffered a setback when he was not selected for this test. Shiv left the coaching facility after experiencing heartbreak due to his failure. Shiv’s instructors, Chandan Kumar and Nandan Kumar, had great trust in his skills in spite of the setback and agreed that he would get a free education at their school.

The accomplishments of their son have Shiv Kumar’s parents thrilled. Manju Devi, his mother, expressed her happiness at her son’s almost-full realization of her ambition to become a doctor. She also expressed her gratitude to Saharsa’s Pragati class instructors, Chandan Kumar and Nandan Kumar. She claims that these instructors have been crucial in helping Shiv get to this point. Their financial circumstances have been terrible, she said. Both of the professors helped her family out by clearing their parents’ debt and providing them with unwavering support throughout Shiv’s preparation.

Kahkashan Parveen, a student from Jamshedpur, achieved All India Rank 1 with an impeccable score of 720/720 in a comparable incidence.

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