Skin Fasting: No makeup, just wash face with water then see amazing

Skin Fasting: No makeup, just wash face with water then see amazing

Every woman wants her skin to look very beautiful naturally and for this, women also apply a variety of beauty products. However, skin fasting is quite different from this. It is like fasting or dieting. During skin fasting, you do not have to apply any beauty products on your skin. You can clean your skin with plain water. It is a very beneficial healing activity for the skin. 

Benefits of skin fasting
Skin breathes
During the course of skin fasting, no beauty product should be used on the skin. This keeps the skin healthy. To keep your skin glowing brightly, it is very important to breathe freely. 

Relief from acne and pimples
Skin fasting will keep the skin free from acne and pimples. Not only this, skin fasting makes the skin glowing and also reduces stains. Applying no beauty product on the face for a day or two does not close the facial pores, which helps in keeping the skin healthy. 

Save the skin's natural oil
Using excessive beauty products on the face completely eliminates the natural oil of the skin due to chemicals. Due to which the skin becomes dry. Dad skin cells are also increased on the skin due to excessive use of beauty products. Due to which the face starts appearing. 

Maintain skin tone 
Apart from repairing the skin, skin fasting also helps to lighten the color of the pigmented area around the nose and chin and also reduces the facial tone. 

When to detox 
You can detox the skin once in two or three months, every month or once every week. It also depends on your daily skin care routine. If you have irritated, sensitive, dry, oily or dull skin, then you can detox the skin once in a week or two weeks. 

Keep these things in mind
Avoid fasting over the skin. If you have any kind of skin problem or if you use medicated products, then please consult your doctor before starting it. Drink lots of water, fresh juice during skin fasting and avoid going in the sun.