Sun Sneezing: Why does it suddenly sneeze as soon as it gets out in the sun? It is very interesting to know about 'Achhu'

Sun Sneezing: Why does it suddenly sneeze as soon as it gets out in the sun? It is very interesting to know about 'Achhu'

The summer season has arrived and it is no longer easy to venture out in the scorching heat of the afternoon. But if there is any work, what is the solution! You have to get out in the sun. It would happen to a lot of us that as soon as we get out of the sun, we start sneezing. However, this does not happen with everyone. But if you sneeze as soon as you get out in the sun, then you are a 'Sun Sneezer'.

Now you must be thinking that this is not a disease! Maybe, maybe this is the first time you have heard this word. But it must have understood a bit. 'Sun Sneezer' means sneezing in the sun. By the way, people who sneeze as soon as they get out in the hot sun.

Sneezing as soon as you get out in the sun… is centuries old. According to media reports, the Greek philosopher Aristotle mentioned it in 350 BC. In his book Problems, he wrote about why the heat of the sun causes a sudden sneeze? He had speculated that the sweat of the nose from the heat of the sun would sneeze to remove its moisture. According to him, it must have happened as a reaction of the body. It is worth noting that his claim was proved wrong.

Photic Sneeze Reflex… .. Untouched

This process of sneezing as soon as it gets out in the sun is called PSR i.e. Photic Sneeze Reflex in medical language. It also came to be called Autosomal Dominant Compulsive Helio-ophthalmic Outburst, which would be called ACHOO in short. It seems strange to hear that but this process has also been given the name 'Achhu' in Hindi. It is believed that 2 or 3 out of every 10 people around the world have a 'disease' of sneezing as soon as they get out of the PSR.

Scientists have not been able to fully ascertain till now

Scientists have not been able to find out fully about how this process of sneezing in the sun takes place and why it happens. A person struggling with PSR may sneeze as soon as they get out in the sun. It can also come continuously and once the sneeze is complete, you will not be disturbed for the next 24 hours.

How far did scientists reach to find out?

In the year 1964, scientist Henry Coffin Everett gave a theory about this. Everett named it 'The Photic Sneeze Effect'. Because in this process our nervous system sends signals very fast. Everett hypothesized that this syndrome is associated with the nervous system of humans and may be due to the confusions of nerve signals behind it.

According to his theory, the nerve of the eyes gets stimulated by the bright light and sends signals to the brain. The brain feels that some signals are coming from the nose as well, this is why it sneezes. Many times you will notice, you may feel like this.

However, this is still a theory. Actually, the whole process is practically not known about it. It is being said that scientists are still engaged in research and study to solve this mystery of thousands of years old.

4 People with zodiac signs who make their own way and they don't mind

4 People with zodiac signs who make their own way and they don't mind

Your zodiac sign shows all the aspects related to your life. How is your personality and how do you treat people, all these things can be understood by your zodiac sign. Today we are going to talk about some of the selected 4 zodiac signs here.

Some people simply do not want the tension that is associated with worrying about other people's opinions. They do not care what others think about them and what society expects of them. He is a nonconformist and he hates clinging to such gross things and killing life.

For them, it is not important to fit in the crowd and what they want to do is to be unique and stable. They are not affected by social pressure and live life on their own terms. Astrologically, these are people with 4 zodiac signs who are nonconformists and who make their own way.


Gemini people are open minded and are always ready to try new and stable things. They like to experiment and are open to living life in new and unusual ways. They do not want a normal and dull life and thus, always keep expanding their minds and looking for new and unique ways of doing things.

Scorpio zodiac

People with Scorpio zodiac have their own strange ways of thinking and living life. They know that they are original and unique, and they have no regrets about it. They have a stable approach to things that makes them stand out and separate them from the crowd.


Aquarius people hate living a predictable life and succumb to social pressure. They live life on their own terms and want to stand out from the crowd. They are rebellious, stable and nonconformist, independent and original thinkers.


People born in Pisces are creative and imaginative. They live in their own world. He has a different perspective on things due to his artistic streak and this makes him a stable, unique and unusual person.

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