Take care of your makeup kit at work from home

Take care of your makeup kit at work from home

Girls love to do makeup. Applying lipsticks of different colors is a favorite hobby of girls. However, due to the long lockdown, this desire of the girls is being dashed. Her lipsticks and makeup items are drying up at home without use. The lockdown has reduced the fun of the girls. They can't go anywhere. Thousands of hassles in getting out of the house. It is necessary to apply face mask from above. In this situation our fashion kit is drying up. Be it foundation, face cream or lipstick, every product is bent when it dries. For almost three months, the use of makeup kit is being negligible, in such a situation most of the products have started getting dry. But don't you worry.

Here we are telling you such tricks that can save your makeup kit from drying out. Whenever you have to use any product from this kit, then you can adopt this trick. We are telling here how to protect these products from drying out.

blow dryer into the tube

To keep the lipstick from drying out, give the tube of lipstick hot air in the drawer for three to four minutes. This will melt the lipstick a bit and the glossy will come out. The same can be done for foundation.

Lipstick can also be refreshed with coconut oil. There is nothing better than coconut oil to make a lipstick bottle glossy. Put four to five drops of coconut oil in a lipstick bottle. After this, stir it, then leave it for four-five minutes. Then use it. Your lipstick will be like new again.

Add Aloe Vera to Lipstick

To keep the lipstick from drying out, remove the fresh aloe vera from the tube and put it in the lipstick bottle. Leave it to dissolve for five minutes. After that use it on your lips. Trust me, this will not only bring new life to your lipstick, but will also make your lips look younger.

put the lipstick tube in a cup of hot water

This is the easiest way. Soak the tube of lipstick in a cup of warm water for two minutes. Remember the water should not be too hot. After this the lipstick will melt. Then use it. 

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These 5 wrong ways to get back to sleep can be the enemy of life

These 5 wrong ways to get back to sleep can be the enemy of life
There are also many such ways of sleeping in bed which can prove to be dangerous. In a run-of-the-mill life, a person rarely gets moments of rest, but we all must be well aware of how much sleep we should take according to our work and more importantly, we should also know It should be how we are to leave our bed.
Keep these things in mind while getting up:
# Waking up suddenly: Many people wake up as soon as they wake up and sit down with a jerk as if someone has scared them, but in this way getting up as soon as they wake up is absolutely wrong and it is also very harmful for your health.
# Waking up frequently: Normally many people wake up several times in the night, but as soon as they wake up from sleep, one should not sit up with jerks. If you have this habit in your family or you too, then change it now, because doing so puts pressure on your heart.  
# Unconscious state: Many doctors, giving their advice on this, have said that when we are in sleep, our senses and mind are in an unconscious state and when we get up immediately after opening our eyes and are ready to run, then All these senses get disturbed
# Sit for 2 minutes as soon as you wake up: Do not leave the bed for at least 2 minutes after you wake up in the morning, it will benefit your heart. Even if you are waking up from sleep at night due to some work, then you should stay in your bed for a few seconds or at least 1 minute.

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