There is no match to these 5 homemade pastes in getting rid of dandruff

There is no match to these 5 homemade pastes in getting rid of dandruff

Dandruff is definitely a common problem among people, but its treatment is enough to empty your pocket. People do many treatments to get rid of dandruff by making their scalp an experimental item. Without understanding why they have to deal with the problem of dandruff and without knowing which thing would be better to use according to their scalp tendency.

The main symptoms of dandruff are hair fall and itching. This problem arises from the dead cells present in the head. According to experts, this problem is most common those people who do not clean their heads properly. Apart from this, lack of oil, stress, hormone problems, lack of nutrients in the diet, and changing water can also cause this problem. To get rid of this problem, you do not need to use expensive products, just these 5 homemade pastes mentioned by us are enough.

1. Sesame and camphor paste Camphor is commonly used as a puja material. But it has another use, if you mix a little camphor in sesame seeds once a week and apply it on the head, it will not only cool your head but will also give you freedom from dandruff and itching caused by it.

2. Green tea paste is very effective for staying fit, but today we will tell you another use for it. Actually, after shampooing the hair well, if massage is done by placing tea bags on the head 2-3 times a week, then the hair gets a lot of benefits, and dandruff also goes away.

3. By using onion in eating onion juice, the taste is doubled. On the other hand, if the onion is a grind and its juice is extracted and applied to the head and massaged, then it also benefits dandruff. To use it, extract the onion juice in a bowl, and with the help of your fingers, rub it on the roots of the hair, and then after drying, shampoo well. This remedy will make dandruff disappear from your head.

4. Beetroot Paste Beetroot is usually eaten as a salad. But its paste is also very effective for hair. By applying it, serious problems like dandruff can also be overcome. Grind the beetroot in the hair and leave it for at least 20 minutes. When this paste dries in the hair, wash the hair thoroughly. Let us tell you that this paste not only strengthens the hair but also maintains its shine. If you want to get better results then you can also use henna in this paste.

5. Neem and curd paste Eating neem purifies the blood and making a paste of neem leaves mixed with curd and apply it on the head reduces hair fall and hair does not turn white too soon. Along with this, the growth of hair is also good and dandruff gets vanished.

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