These mistakes can spoil your hair, pay attention to this

These mistakes can spoil your hair, pay attention to this

Is your thick and thick hair gradually getting thinner? You do not understand why your hair is getting thin even after proper hair care. The reason behind this is that many times you consider your products and change them. But even after this, if your problem is not over, then the reason for this is not the product, because of some mistakes you made unknowingly. You also know about them and keep the beauty of your thick hair.

using too much blow dryer

Occasional is fine but avoid using a blow dryer to dry hair every now and then. This not only makes your hair rough but also damages the natural oils. Due to this, the hair does not get enough nutrition and it becomes weak and starts breaking and gradually the volume also decreases.

over shampooing

Over-shampooing will not only break your hair, but it will also gradually become thinner. Washing the hair excessively damages its natural oil and it also destroys the beauty of the hair. If your hair is also thick and thick, then shampooing every third day or once a week is enough.

Excessive and wrong use of hair products

Using too much and the wrong hair product also reduces the volume of the hair. If you have thick hair, always choose a product that is specifically designed for thick hair. Do not make the mistake of using a new product after seeing any ad.

make tight hairstyle

Be it a ponytail or a braid, if you make any hairstyle that is too tight, then your hair will gradually weaken and become thinner. So never tie your hair tightly. Always make a loose ponytail or braid.


Often girls with thick hair feel that straightening it will make them easier to manage. But when you straighten them, many treatments are done on your hair. The result of all this is weak and thin hair. To manage them, comb them thoroughly morning and evening with a coarse-toothed comb.

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These 5 wrong ways to get back to sleep can be the enemy of life

These 5 wrong ways to get back to sleep can be the enemy of life
There are also many such ways of sleeping in bed which can prove to be dangerous. In a run-of-the-mill life, a person rarely gets moments of rest, but we all must be well aware of how much sleep we should take according to our work and more importantly, we should also know It should be how we are to leave our bed.
Keep these things in mind while getting up:
# Waking up suddenly: Many people wake up as soon as they wake up and sit down with a jerk as if someone has scared them, but in this way getting up as soon as they wake up is absolutely wrong and it is also very harmful for your health.
# Waking up frequently: Normally many people wake up several times in the night, but as soon as they wake up from sleep, one should not sit up with jerks. If you have this habit in your family or you too, then change it now, because doing so puts pressure on your heart.  
# Unconscious state: Many doctors, giving their advice on this, have said that when we are in sleep, our senses and mind are in an unconscious state and when we get up immediately after opening our eyes and are ready to run, then All these senses get disturbed
# Sit for 2 minutes as soon as you wake up: Do not leave the bed for at least 2 minutes after you wake up in the morning, it will benefit your heart. Even if you are waking up from sleep at night due to some work, then you should stay in your bed for a few seconds or at least 1 minute.

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