These weapons of Angaraj Karna were more powerful than atomic bomb, know about those mythology

These weapons of Angaraj Karna were more powerful than atomic bomb, know about those mythology

From time to time, we have religious faith in India.
Abhyuthanamadharmasya tadatmanam srijamayamam

Maharathi Karna was such a warrior of the Mahabharata war who had to be humiliated again and again in his lifetime. As soon as she was born, the mother who gave birth gave up.

When he went to Guru Drona to take education, he refused to teach him because he was a Shudra son. Then he took the form of a Brahmin and studied with Lord Vishnu Anshvatara Parshuram but there he also had to be humiliated because after completion of education, Guru Parshuram came to know that he is not a Brahmin son but a Shudra son. He forced Karna to live a cursed life, but Karna never gave up and gained the fame he deserved in Indian mythological history with his muscle power.

In this episode of today, we will tell you about the greatness of Karna and will know what weapons or weapons he had who made him a maharathi.

Karna was a religious warrior from the Mahabharata who fought on behalf of unrighteousness, Duryodhana, but he never disbanded the strategy nor allowed any deceit to be the commander of the Kaurava army.

The most powerful weapon that Maharathi Karna had was the victory bow given by Guru Parashurama. According to the Hindu scriptures, in the mythical era, a divine bow was required for the worship of Divya in the context of Divinity, because Divine weapons could not be given with an ordinary bow.

This bow of Karna was also a divine rainbow which was given to him by his guru Parashurama. On the other hand, Guru Dronacharya refused to teach Karna due to being a Sudra son, then he came to Guru Parashurama to become a Brahmin son to get the education of weapons because he was afraid that Parashurama could also be due to being a Shudra son. Do not refuse to make them your disciples. In the disguise of a Brahmin, Karna acquired knowledge of weapons and weapons from Parashurama, but one day when Karna's education was completed, his guru came to know that Karna was not a son of a Brahmin but a Shudra son.

Then Lord Parshuram, famous for his anger, cursed Karna that you have fraudulently received education from me, so you will forget everything when you need my education most of the time, but when Karna changed the reason for disguise When told, Guru Parshuram's anger subsided and his mind became distressed. Then Parashurama said to Karna, O Watts! I cannot take back the curse given, but I give you a bow-shaped armor. As long as this bow is in your hands, no warrior of the three worlds will win you. The name of this bow of Guru Parshuram was Vijay Dhanush.

Karna used this bow of his own either to drive a divya or while fighting with Arjuna. For the rest of the time, he kept fighting in Kurukshetra with a simple bow.

Mahasarp Ashwaseen Nag 

On the seventeenth day of the Mahabharata war, a war was going on between Arjun and Karna. Then Karna shot an arrow at Arjuna which was different from the ordinary arrow. Seeing this arrow coming towards Arjuna, Lord Krishna understood that he is an arrow, not an arrow, as Ashwaseen Snake. Then he pressed the chariot with his foot to save Arjuna. The chariot wheels got stuck in the ground due to Lord Krishna doing this. Also, the horses of the chariot bowed down. Then he went to the crown of Arjuna instead of Arvun, the arrow form.

After the war was vacated, Ashwaseen returned to Karna's quiver and came to his real form and said to Karna, O Angaraj to fight more carefully this time. This time Arjuna must be killed. My poison will not let him live. Then Karna asks him, who are you and why do you want Arjuna to die? Then Ashwaseen said, I am Ashwaseen, the son of Nagaraja Takshak. Me and my parents used to live in Khandav forest. Once, Arjun set the forest on fire, after which me and my mother got caught in the fire.

At the time when there was a fire in the forest, my father Nagraj Takshak was not there. Seeing me trapped in the fire, my mother swallowed me and flew away with me but Arjun again killed my mother with his arrow but I somehow survived. When I came to know that Arjun had killed my mother, since then I want to take revenge on Arjun and for this reason today, I took the form of an arrow and entered your quiver.

After this, Karna expressed his gratitude for his help and said, "Oh Ashwassen, let me fight the war with my own policy." I accept defeat by taking your kindly help. After hearing these words, Kalasarpa returned from there, Karna's policy, loyalty.

Indra or Vasavi Shakti 

All of them know that a warrior like Karna is known for his charity valor. As a result of this heroism, he got the fat power of Indra. This was such a weapon that no weapon could cut. On the contrary, after the war was decided, Indra Dev started to worry about Arjun that my son would be able to defeat him because of Karna's armor, because he knew that as long as the sun was given to Karna, No one can beat him.

So Indradev resorted to deceit and one day when Karna was offering water to Sun God in the morning, Indra Dev disguised as a Brahmin and approached him and asked Karna for his divine armor. Because while asking for Sun to Sun, if anyone asked for anything from Karna, he would not refuse. Therefore, he donated his armor Kundal to a Brahmin-like Indra and then said to that Brahmin, O Brahmin, you should come in your true form because I know that you are Devraj Indra and I also knew that today I am asking you to give me Kundal Kundal. Are about to ask.

Hearing such things from the mouth of Karna, Devraj Indra came to his real form at the same time and said, O Karna! Who told you about me and when you knew why, why did you pay for the sun today? Then Karna said, O Devendra! My father Surya told me all these things in the night and refused to give me Ardhya in the morning, but O Devendra! Now tell me how I could get rid of my religion?

Then Indra Dev said, O Karna! You are great, no one has ever been greater than you in this world, and no one will be until the end of the earth. After today you will be known by the name of Maha Danveer Karna. Apart from this, I also give you my fat power. You will be able to use it only once. No one will be able to save any power of this universe on whom you will pay it and after that Devraj disappeared from there.

When the Mahabharata War started, Karna had saved this power for Arjuna, but Lord Krishna forced Bhima and Hidimbha's son Ghatotkacha into the battle, forcing Karna to wield the power of Indra. Apart from these three powers, Karna had Agnayastra, Pashupatastra, Rudrastra, Brahmastra, Brahmashirastra, Brahmand Astra, Bhargava Astra, Garuda Astra, Nagastra and Nagpash Astra and many other celestial weapons which could be bestowed with mantras. Maharathi Karna used his victory bow to wield these weapons.

In the Mahabharata war, when Arjuna killed Karna, at that time Karna did not have that victory bow in his hand. If he had a bow in his hand at that time, Arjun would never have killed him.

4 People with zodiac signs who make their own way and they don't mind

4 People with zodiac signs who make their own way and they don't mind

Your zodiac sign shows all the aspects related to your life. How is your personality and how do you treat people, all these things can be understood by your zodiac sign. Today we are going to talk about some of the selected 4 zodiac signs here.

Some people simply do not want the tension that is associated with worrying about other people's opinions. They do not care what others think about them and what society expects of them. He is a nonconformist and he hates clinging to such gross things and killing life.

For them, it is not important to fit in the crowd and what they want to do is to be unique and stable. They are not affected by social pressure and live life on their own terms. Astrologically, these are people with 4 zodiac signs who are nonconformists and who make their own way.


Gemini people are open minded and are always ready to try new and stable things. They like to experiment and are open to living life in new and unusual ways. They do not want a normal and dull life and thus, always keep expanding their minds and looking for new and unique ways of doing things.

Scorpio zodiac

People with Scorpio zodiac have their own strange ways of thinking and living life. They know that they are original and unique, and they have no regrets about it. They have a stable approach to things that makes them stand out and separate them from the crowd.


Aquarius people hate living a predictable life and succumb to social pressure. They live life on their own terms and want to stand out from the crowd. They are rebellious, stable and nonconformist, independent and original thinkers.


People born in Pisces are creative and imaginative. They live in their own world. He has a different perspective on things due to his artistic streak and this makes him a stable, unique and unusual person.

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