Walnut oil will remove dark circles and wrinkles, know how to make at home

Walnut oil will remove dark circles and wrinkles, know how to make at home

Walnuts are full of many nutrients. Where its intake increases immunity and protects against diseases. At the same time, its oil helps to keep hair and skin healthy. Using it, removes spots, wrinkles, fine lines on the face, and gives a strong skin. Massaging this oil on the hair gives long, thick and soft hair. So let us tell you about the great benefits of nut oil today. But before that, know how to make it ...

Whole Walnuts - 1/2 cup
vegetable oil -  1, 1/2 cup
water - as required

1. First preheat walnuts in the microwave. 
2. Now add water and walnuts to the pan and boil for 5 minutes. 
3. After boiling, sieve the water with the help of sieve. 
4. Now place the walnuts on a baking sheet and bake until they turn golden brown. 
5. Prepare the powder by putting the walnuts in the mixie. 
6. Now put vegetable oil and walnuts in a jar and keep them aside. 
7. When the oil changes color, then you understand that walnut oil is ready. 

So let's now know about the benefits of this oil ...

Hair will be strong 
Massaging the hair with nut oil nourishes the hair from the roots. In such a situation, hair fall, dandruff, dryness problems are overcome, the hair is long, thick, dark, soft and strong with roots. 

Reduce swelling
Massaging the skin with walnut oil improves blood circulation. Also, inflammation in the skin reduces complaints of wounds. Also, it helps in retaining moisture by deeply nourishing the skin. 

Wrinkles will be less
With aging, wrinkles appear on the face. In this case, it will be beneficial to massage with walnut oil. Its anti-oxidant, anti-aging properties help in reducing wrinkles and fine lines. 

Also beneficial in psoriasis  
Psoriasis is a skin-related problem in which red lesions occur on the skin. In this case, this serious disease can be avoided by massaging with walnut oil. 

Problem of dark circle will be away
Due to the absence of proper care and nutrition of the skin, dark circles under the eyes begin. In this case, massage with this oil before sleeping at night, dark circles are removed. Along with swelling, fatigue, and the face looks absolutely fresh. 

Reduce infection
Mixing a few drops of tea tree oil in walnut oil and applying it on the affected area helps to relieve skin allergies. 

Use as a facepack 
You can also use walnut oil as a facepack. For this, mix 1 teaspoon gram flour, a pinch of turmeric and walnut oil on the face and apply on the face. Wash it after 10-15 minutes. By applying this facepack, the problem of dry and dull skin is removed, the face will look beautiful, soft and glowing. 

This home remedy will soon bring glow, tomato and milk on your face.

This home remedy will soon bring glow, tomato and milk on your face.

After a day's fatigue, your face becomes quite pale. The fatigue of our body is fully visible on our skin and in such a situation, if you want to look fresh again the next day, then it will be very difficult for you, but if you are trying to tell about the recipe we are going to If you do, then your face will blossom again.

We are telling you about a special face pack in which you can make it at home using only two things. It is easily available in your home. For this you will need one slice tomato and 4 to 5 teaspoons of milk.

Take 4 to 5 teaspoons of milk in a bowl. Now wash a tomato and cut it into slices. Then separate the tomato peel with the help of a knife and then add it to the milk and mash it with the help of a spoon.

Now apply this mixture on your face with the help of cotton. After applying it on the face, leave it for 2 to 3 minutes. After drying on its face, apply another layer of it again. Similarly, apply one layer after another until the milk of the bowl is completely gone.

Do take care of these things

While using this face pack, you have to pay special attention to two things. The first is that before applying it, clean your face with a washwash and second is to keep this face pack overnight. After drying on your face, you will not have any problem in sleeping by applying it.

Wash in the morning with fresh water

After getting up in the morning, you wash this pack with fresh water and after wiping your skin with a cotton towel, first apply rose water and then moisturizer.

If you use this face pack twice a week, then you will be tempted to change the face of your face. It works by hydrating your skin and nourishing it. It removes dark spots and scars. Also brings radiant glow to your skin.

Balance ph level

For your information, let us know that vitamin C is also found in tomatoes. It has estrogen and antioxidant properties. Therefore, it heals the skin in many ways in one night, combined with milk. It balances the pH level of the skin.

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