Where should you put the clock according to vaastu?

Where should you put the clock according to vaastu?

Vastu Advice: According to Vastu Shaastra, direction is crucial. People who adhere to Vastu Shastra seek to maintain everything in accordance with it to prevent the entry of bad energy. In Vastu, the clock is likewise seen as being very significant. Check whether direction it is lucky to keep or not maintain the clock if you also believe in Vastu.

Place the clock in the other way.
Vastu Shastra places a lot of emphasis on direction. The clock should never be positioned facing south, according to Vaastu. It is said that Yama points towards the direction of the south. Clocking in this way is unlucky in such a circumstance. In addition to this, Vastu forbids placing a clock towards west.

Avoid mounting the clock on the front door.
The clock shouldn't be hung on the front entrance, according to Vastu, since the home is filled with bad energy and the residents are still tense. Never forget to hang a clock on the front entrance if you want harmony and love to reign in your home.

Vastu advice: Which way should the clock face?
The clock should always be positioned toward the east and north of the home, according to Vastu. The clock should be turned in this way so that love may continue to exist inside the home. Place the clock solely in the east or north if you also want to keep love in the home.

Do not hang a broken clock in your house.
Keeping a broken clock inside the home is unlucky, according to Vastu. Anyone who lives in a home with a damaged or stopped clock has constant tension and unfavorable energy.