Why does some people's head hair turn white before time? Know the preventive measures

Why does some people's head hair turn white before time? Know the preventive measures

No one likes to show premature graying of hair. Sometimes it can be a sign of some disease. According to experts, vitamin B12 deficiency is the most common reason for graying hair in puberty. Due to the deficiency of vitamin B12, not only does the hair become white, but the thickness starts to end and starts falling rapidly.

The thyroid gland produces T3, and T4 thyroxine hormones. But when there are problems in the thyroid, then its direct effect is on the hair roots. If the hair becomes white, frizzy, or smooth before time, then understand that the thyroid has been affected.

excessive use of junk food

If junk food is used more instead of healthy food, then one should not be surprised at the graying of hair in youth. It has been told in many research reports that calcium, vitamin D3, copper, zinc, and iron present in healthy food keep hair healthy, while their deficiency causes graying of hair.

be anxious and stressed

Being under stress all the time affects the stem cells that give new life to the hair. Due to this, the hair turns white before time.


Inherited from parents, grandparents also white hair can be changed by you. According to experts, genes play an important role in graying of hair. If someone in the elderly has faced premature graying of hair, then you may also have to face the problem.

Use of harmful chemicals and dye products

From shampoos to dyes and products used for coloring hair can cause graying. The harmful chemicals in bad products reduce the level of melanin. Let us tell you that the hair gets its color from melanin. But a decrease in the melanin level takes away the natural color of the hair.

What to do to avoid

The truth is that once the hair turns white, it is not possible to bring back the color. But some measures can be taken to prevent hair color change in youth. Your hair has to be protected from damage caused by sunlight. Make every effort to cover your head while going out. Avoid coloring hair without need. Massage the scalp often with coconut oil. Use egg, fish, cabbage, almond, and carrot juice in food. Apart from this, vitamin B12 supplements can also be used on the advice of a doctor.

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