13 people were detained in Gujarat for obstructing a Dalit man’s last rites in a village

A police officer said on Friday that 13 people had been detained for allegedly obstructing a Dalit man’s funeral ceremonies in a hamlet in Gujarat’s Vadodara district.

According to Vadodara Superintendent of Police Rohan Anand, the deceased’s family sent his remains to the communal cemetery in Gametha village in Padra taluka on August 2 for last rites since torrential rains had flooded their community’s crematorium.


“Some locals showed there and objected to the Daiit community’s action. To diffuse the tension, police were on the scene quickly. At the Vadu police station, a FIR was filed on Thursday. The spouse of the local sarpanch is among the 13 people we have detained, the SP reported.


He said that the victim was cremated not far from the neighborhood crematorium.


According to him, the arrests were made in accordance with the applicable provisions of the Scheduled Caste/ Scheduled Tribe (Prevention of Atrocities) Act, and a police posse is on the scene to keep the calm.

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