2024 Lok Sabha elections: PM Modi’s Ghatkopar tour disrupts public transportation and delays rescue efforts

Public transportation was suspended for more than two hours during the evening rush hour due to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s security protocols for the roadshow in Ghatkopar for candidate Mihir Kotecha, who is running for the Lok Sabha seat from North East Mumbai. This caused inconvenience for thousands of people who travel every day. There was further mayhem as the Ghatkopar Metro gates closed earlier than the planned 6 p.m. closure.

Extremely congested and chaotic events resulted from the security protocol asking the Mumbai Metro to close the busy Ghatkopar Metro station, close the busy LBS route, and halt BEST services. Although the initial plan was to terminate Metro services at Jagruti Nagar, which is one stop away from the final Ghatkopar station, confusion ensued and ultimately shutters at additional stations, including Marol, were closed owing to crowding.

The advice said that metro services between the Ghatkopar and Jagruti Nagar metro stations will be discontinued starting at 6 p.m. and continuing till further notice owing to security concerns.

irate commuters

According to passenger Sushmita Mehta, “the gates shut at 5.30 pm itself, leaving us in the lurch.” “Please ask the prime minister to sit at home and not disturb Mumbaikars like this,” said another irate passenger. His procedure will cause such catastrophic circumstances, which will guarantee his party’s defeat in the elections. “Politicians drive their vehicles. They are insensitive to the suffering of the average person. Everyone who traveled to Ghatkopar endured great suffering. “Is it really necessary to carry out this action during peak hours?” said commuter Nikita Mehta.

For thousands of commuters like myself, there were difficulties as a result of the road and Metro shutdown. Harish Shah, a commuter, said that it is very unjust to terminate both services at the same moment. 45-year-old Karan Jotwani, who often commutes by Metro and operates a printing press in Marol, said, “The closure of the Metro gates at Marol has resulted in complete chaos in traffic, and alternate modes of transportation are incapable of handling the load.” complete breakdown of the framework.

Delays in the rescue site cranes

“The location is still being used for rescue operations two days after the billboard fall, with corpses buried underneath. However, as a result of Prime Minister Modi’s rally being held today from LBS Road, Ghatkopar West, all traffic on the routes that connect Ghatkopar East and West has been entirely stopped. Cranes, excavators, and hydra that were supposed to arrive at the rescue location were therefore delayed, according to Mumbai Regional NCP President and former corporator Rakhee Jadhav.

“While Prime Minister Modi and his BJP are celebrating, the families of the innocent persons who died are in deep mourning. It was appropriate to postpone the aforementioned roadshow after such a severe catastrophe! But this just serves to highlight how callous Prime Minister Narendra Modi and other BJP figures are to the suffering of the average man, the speaker remarked.

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