23-year-old from Karnataka wins the UPSC and hopes to support rural and agricultural development

In the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) test 2023, Vijeta Bhosamani, a Karnataka resident, achieved the 100th position. The results of the exam were released on Tuesday.

With a strong desire to improve the lives of the nation’s marginalized population, Vijeta is eager to start a new chapter in her life. Vijeta, whose parents both left Karnataka Gramin Bank after serving their terms, aspires to support animal welfare as well. According to Vijeta, it was her fourth try, and this time she was able to recognize and conquer her weaknesses.

Soubhagya S Beelagimath, 23, the daughter of an agriculturist who runs a nursery in Davanagere, succeeded in her second try at the exam after putting in 12 hours a day of hard study time for the preliminary exam.

Considering her father’s struggle throughout the years, she said, “I want to contribute to sectors like agriculture and rural development.”

Shantappa Kurubara, a police sub-inspector from Bengaluru who mentored kids living in slums during COVID, came in at 644th place. While working as a police officer in Srirampura, he studied for the competitive examinations.

Approximately forty candidates from Karnataka have passed the UPSC 2023 exams and are eager to get posted. The UPSC has recommended 1,016 applicants for recruitment in total.

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