The four pupils’ corpses, which werehed away on a Mamallapuram beach on Saturday, have been found by Mamallapuram police. On Sunday morning, the corpse of V Sesha Reddy (20) was discovered by fishing, while the bodies of C Monish (19), S Prabhu (19), and B Bethiraj (22) were found later in the day. Two sets of Andhra Pradeshi students had traveled to Mamallapuram for two days, according to the police. A party of fourteen people went swimming at the beach after seeing the temple.

“A wave carried them all away. One student was successfully returned to shore by a few police officers, but eight of them were saved by the local fisherman. Later that day, Karthick’s (19) corpse was found by the police. The next day, the four corpses that remained were found. A postmortem has been ordered for every body, they continued.

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