86% wheat seized from Jhajjar mandis

So far, 86 percent of the wheat that the government agencies have purchased has been taken from several mandis in the Jhajjar area. Likewise, 97% of the mustard has also been removed from that location.

According to reports, the district’s mandis and procurement centers have sold 1.91 lakh metric tons (MT) of wheat and 57,087 MT of mustard.

Of these, 55104 MT of mustard and 1.65 MT of wheat have been lifted.

According to the sources, 42,235 MT of these were purchased from the Jhajjar grain market, 10,588 MT from Badli, 8,372 MT from Dhakla, 47,811 MT from Beri, 20,262 MT from Matanhail, 34,193 MT from Majra, 17,912 MT from Chhara, 987 MT from Bahadurgarh, and 8956 MT from the Asauda buying center.

The sources also said that 39,933 MT had been lifted so far in Jhajjar; 9,811 MT in Badli; 6,810 MT in Dhakla; 46,033 MT in Beri; 13,679 MT in Matanhail; 24,516 MT in Majra D; 14,500 MT in Chara; 987 MT in Bahadurgarh and 8,956 MT in Asauda.

Similarly, until to this point, the Dhakala grain market has been used to purchase 1,059 MT of mustard from Bahadurgarh, 2,934 MT from Beri, 15,836 MT from Matanhel, 10,258 MT from Jhajjar, and 10,379 MT from Jhajjar.

Thus far, 9,423.09 MT of mustard have been taken from the Dhakla purchasing center; they include 1,058 MT in Bahadurgarh, 2,862 MT in Beri, 15,142 MT in Matanhel, 10,000 MT in Jhajjar, and 2,862 MT in Beri.

According to Deputy Commissioner Shakti Singh, the lifting procedure has started, and shortly the remaining products from the mandis and buy center would also be lifted.

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