A Bold Maharashtrian Politician, Sushma Andhare

Sushma Andhare is regarded as one of the top public speakers in Marathi and is renowned for her ferocious speeches. Andhare, the Shiv Sena (Uddhav Balasaheb Thackeray) faction spokesman, exudes energy in public. Andhare’s fan base, which is mostly made up of women, has multiplied in the years after 2019, when she was propelled into popularity when Uddhav Thackeray was elected chief download 2023 10 04t143303.190

She is a politician and lawyer who also teaches and writes. This 47-year-old Dalit politician, who was born in Padoli in the Marathwada area of Maharashtra, is a devout Buddhist. Andhare, who has a PhD and a master’s degree in political science, is well-known both among the tribal groups and within the Dalit/Ambedkarite movement. She has contributed significantly to the battle for indigenous rights. She battled tenaciously for acceptance in the mainstream and against the caste system.

Her family was against her continuing her studies after she passed her tenth grade examinations. Her financial situation had become worse, and she didn’t see how she could continue her schooling. She began offering talks on demand in exchange for money. Her ability to speak well has been valued by everybody since she was a little girl, paving the way for her future as a fiery speech leader. Her ability to orate helped pay for her college studies.

Andhare has experienced several assaults. She has endured stone-throwing attacks and even had a Bajrang Dal leader in the Maharashtra Legislative Assembly place a sword over her neck. She has fought struggles for her right to life since she is a Dalit. Shahpit Painjan, a poetry anthology she has published, is a thought-provoking compilation about the experiences of women from the underrepresented Kolhati group. The Sammyak Counselling Center, founded by Andhare, offers a wide range of services to underserved populations.


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