A Delhi Engineer Was Conned Out of $12,000,000 in a Crypto Scam Using Telegram

New Delhi: In a heartbreaking episode, Ankit Chaudhary, an engineer working for a reputable organization, lost over ₹ 12 lakh to a cryptocurrency fraud.


He claimed to have received alluring messages encouraging him to invest in cryptocurrencies on a Telegram channel.

Ankit’s confidence was bolstered by returns of fifteen thousand after he initially invested ten thousand. He then made greater investments totaling 12 lakhs, only to discover that his money had not been reimbursed as agreed.

On a Telegram chat, I got a message urging me to buy cryptocurrencies. I made an initial investment of 10,000 and eventually obtained a return of $15,000. I then put in fifteen thousand, and I got twenty thousand in return. This made me avaricious, and I invested around ₹ 12 lakh in several trades, but I never received my money back,” he said.

His complaint prompted the Delhi Police to file a Section 420 First Information Report at the North East District Cyber Police station, and they are currently looking into the situation.

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