A minister in Delhi orders the sequencing of every Covid case to find the JN.1 variant

New Delhi: In order to confirm instances of the JN.1 variation, Delhi Health Minister Saurabh Bharadwaj stated today that he has renewed instructions for genome sequencing positive cases.
He told Press Trust of India that 636 Covid tests were performed on Wednesday as part of the government’s increased Covid testing program.

The first incidence of the JN. 1 variant in Delhi was verified by Mr. Bharadwaj on Wednesday.

“In order to verify the number of novel variant instances, I have restated the instructions for genome sequencing of all positive cases. Three varieties were verified yesterday, two of which were the JN.1 variant and the other was the old Omicron model. The good news is that the hospitalized patient who was identified with the novel variety has been released from care,” he said to PTI Video.

According to him, the patient was a 52-year-old lady who became a bit anxious and was admitted to the hospital.

He went on, “She didn’t have any serious problems.” There are four patients in the hospital right now, the minister stated. Additionally, he advised those who had been sick for a long period to stay away from public areas.

According to Mr. Bharadwaj, orders have been given to conduct awareness campaigns at bus stops and other locations.

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