A native of Salem travels from Japan to cast her ballot

A 45-year-old creative consultant of Indian descent who now resides in Nagareyama, Japan, K Shankar traveled to his home town of Kondalampatti in Salem to vote in the elections scheduled on April 19. His appearance is evocative of Vijay’s Sarkar, but without the political overtones.

Shankar, a graduate of engineering, freelances for a number of Japanese startups. His spouse is a citizen of Japan, and together they have a kid. He landed in Salem on April 11 after leaving India 21 years earlier, and he would cast his ballot at the government elementary school in Kondalampatti, which he attended. In the village live his mother and brother.

Shankar said that he kept his Indian citizenship even though he was living in Japan in order to participate in the democratic process. He is going to vote in an election for the first time.

Shankar emphasized the importance of every vote in his letter to his fellow Indians, comparing it to a drop in the ocean that together determines the future of the country.

“Voting is my democratic duty and I have come to fulfil it, even if it costs up to a lakh rupees to travel from Japan,” he said to TNIE.

When Shankar thought back on his trip, he was proud of India’s democratic culture and saw that Japanese people were interested in learning about the Indian voting system.

He said, “People in Japan ask me questions about India’s election process in a very excited way. India is the biggest democracy in the world.”

His passionate appeal for action strikes a powerful chord.By casting my ballot, I feel better mentally. Thus, it is imperative that everyone cast a ballot,” he said.

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